Welcome to Arab Potash Company

In the context of its leading role in local community development, the Arab Potash Company (APC) provides many training opportunities for students and graduates of intermediate institutes and universities in various disciplines, in the aim of preparing and qualifying a number of youth, raise their competitiveness in the job market, or prepare them for employment in functions that APC needs regularly. This program gives trainees an overview of APC's activities and they are assigned tasks that give them the opportunity to hone their skills and understand business, The company shall offer many benefits to the trainee during the training period.

The Arab Potash Company (APC) is guided in all its activities by its core values:  

  1. Integrity and transparency by applying the highest standards of integrity in conducting business with full transparency, through accurate and timely disclosures that are readily accessible to customers, employees, suppliers, community members, shareholders, and regulators.
  2. Safety and environmental protection.  APC regularly reviews, updates, and improves its safety procedures at all facilities, to remain among the best companies worldwide in minimizing work accidents and injuries, and it searches continuously for new and more efficient ways to minimize solid, liquid, and gaseous discharges and emissions that result from APC's activities.
  3. Competitiveness and profitability.  APC works to maximize competitiveness and profitability by constantly searching to procure best resources at optimal prices, and to enhance the efficiency of its processes.
  4. Team spirit. APC's concern for the welfare of its employees does not stop at their safety.  Every effort is made to improve their working conditions, as well as their remuneration packages, and to sustain a two-way dialogue with them to maintain a healthy team spirit.
  5. Partnership with local communities, especially those most directly affected by APC's activities.  Regular meetings are held with community leaders and civil society organizations to be informed of their needs, and APC runs an active CSR program to address shared concerns and contribute to the communities' sustainable development.
  6. Cost consciousness. All members of the APC family are expected to be cost-conscious and to exert every effort to minimize costs and stop waste throughout the Company, in all resources (water, electricity, fuel).

APC's Code of Business Ethics (CoBE) was developed to establish and codify a series of legal and ethical rules of behavior governing all APC employees. The CoBE reflects the Company's policies and ensures that all dealings with APC employees, service recipients and service providers are conducted with integrity and high work ethics, without discrimination of any kind, in order to guarantee high trust among all stakeholders, including trade partners.

In line with our commitment to sustainable operations, and in compliance with local and international environmental laws, APC actively works to minimize the impact of production activities on the environment.  To this effect, APC incorporate state-of-the-art technologies at APC’s plants and strict policies at all Company sites to reduce dust, waste products, limit potash and carbon emissions, and streamline the consumption of energy and water.

APC also dedicates a portion of its CSR budget to financing environmental and water projects. In 2013 alone, APC provided in excess of JOD 1.2 million to support marine, nature, energy, water, and recycling societies and initiatives.

APC's top priority is the safety and wellbeing of its 2,000+ employees. Accordingly, the Company devotes considerable resources and constantly upgrades its measures and procedures to create a safe working environment.

In 2013 and 2014, APC exceeded four million working hours without lost time injuries (defined as injuries that require the injured employee to take time off for treatment) which is one of the best safety records in the region./p>

In recognition of this positive performance and safety results, APC received the Award for Excellence in Occupational Safety and Health in 2012, granted by Jordan's General Social Security Corporation.

About Us

Arab Potash Company, a leading company in Jordan attracts best talents in various fields and disciplines through best practices in the selection recruitment and training.

The company is distinctive in providing competitive Compensation and Benefits for its employees, includes 16 salaries per year, saving fund, housing loans, health insurance, transportation, scholarships and many other benefits.

The company is interested in the cares about its employees and their families, and provides various means of social support and appreciation for their contributions.

The company gives priority to provide a healthy, safe, secure and stress-free work environment within the highest safety standards through a series of procedures, policies and training and awareness programs.