Director: Saiful Islam Mannu
Released on 2015
Shojol, Ilias Kanchan , Kumkum Hasan, Mitanur

Charulata is based on a story titled ‘Nashtaneerh’ (The Broken Nest) by Rabindranath Tegore. The movie revolved around Charulata, she is intelligent, beautifully charming but a childless young lady, and her husband, an affluent person, Bhupati, providd her all a girl could demand for except giving her time and company, which is the most essential necessity in her life than all these riches, treasures, social status and abundance of everything. Amal, Bhupati’s younger cousin comes at their place for visit and stays over. Charulate eventually grows an affection and friendship with Amal. This company and friendship makes her feel as if she is free like a bird now who had been enchained for so long.

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