Physiology & Behavior

Volume 100, Issue 5, 14 July 2010, Pages 454-463
Physiology & Behavior

ReviewFrom mindless eating to mindlessly eating better


Plate shapes and package sizes, lighting and layout, color and convenience: these are a few of hidden persuaders that can contribute to how much food a person eats. This review first posits that these environmental factors influence eating because they increase consumption norms and decrease consumption monitoring. Second, it suggests that simply increasing awareness and offering nutrition education will be disappointingly ineffective in changing mindless eating. Third, promising pilot results from the National Mindless Eating Challenge provide insights into helping move from mindless eating to mindlessly eating better.

The paper represents an invited review by a symposium, award winner or keynote speaker at the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior [SSIB] Annual Meeting in Portland, July 2009.


Eating behavior and food intake
Portion size
Consumption norms
Calorie estimation
Dietary guidelines
Web-based diets
Mindless method
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