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By Rachel Becker

In the chaos of day-to-day life, sometimes watching what you eat falls to the wayside, but mindful eating can help.

Certified holistic health coach Robyn Youkilis is a firm believer in this practice. Though she admits it's not always second nature, below she shares the one small trick she uses to stick with it:

Robyn Youkilis
Health coach Robyn Youkilis is a fan of mindful eating.Robyn Youkilis - Go with Your Gut

My one small thing is: "Look at what you’re about to eat, use your eyes, take a moment and breathe before you take your first bite," said Youkilis. "Take that moment to yourself to really appreciate the food you are about to eat, before you eat it."

Yes, this applies to those times when you're eating on the run, too. Taking a minute to appreciate your food sends a signal to the brain, that allows your body to relax.

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“When you’re mindful in that way, you will feel better, more relaxed,” she explained.

However, the impact of mindful eating goes beyond that initial moment. “Eating is a complete sensory experience, and when we leave out one of those senses, that is what has us craving more,” Youkilis explained.

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Youkilis recommends her clients focus on taking conscious pauses throughout the day. If you're a busy mom, maybe it’s that moment when you are in the car driving back from work, take one minute for some “me” time, close your eyes, rub your shoulders or listen to a song that inspires you — something that will allow you to have that one moment, so you don’t run from one activity to the next.

“We focus so much on what we’re eating, latest diet trends and what our friends are eating. When we eat more mindfully, we will learn what will serve us, what works, what doesn’t. Cut out all the noise, and use your intuition,” Youkilis urges.

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If you implement these practices, you can train your body, and subsequently eat what you want.

For more healthy living advice, sign up for our One Small Thing newsletter. Robyn Youkilis, AADP is a Certified Wellness Expert, TV personality, and author of Go With Your Gut. Known for her straight-forward yet supportive style, Robyn helps her clients through her health-coaching practice, Your Healthiest You, break free of the craziness of dieting and connect to their inner "sparkle," their truest and best selves, through no-nonsense action steps. Robyn is also an Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach.