Wireless Office and Mobile Headsets

OK. I confess. I believe the whole world is going wireless and I have held that opinion for a number of years. I use a wireless network at my office, wireless Internet access in my home, wireless laptops, a wireless mouse, and I'm still looking for a wireless puppy. So, back in 2003, when I saw the very first completely self contained wireless telephone headset from GN Netcom, I just had to have one. I liked it so much that I started selling them. In the early days, when the GN 9120 was the only game in town, we practically had to beat the customers away with sticks and paddles. Once one person in an office got one, everybody had to have one.

What's so great about wireless headsets? If I have to tell you, then you've never tried one. If you are a wireless headset virgin, then I can only say that once you go wireless, you will never go back to wired again. Except maybe at gunpoint. If you've had the wireless headset experience, then you already know that the main advant…