Bluetooth Headset FAQs

Note the following points:

  1. Under normal circumstances, when Bluetooth headset enters pairing mode, just press the power button for about 10 seconds without letting go, the headset will turn from “off” to “on” and then to pairing mode, shown as the headset indicator light (long time). Then searching for Bluetooth set in the mobile phone, you can find your headphone.
  2. The factory settings of some headphones are relatively complex, such as Sony Ericsson HBH-602 HBH608 HBH610A and Nokia HS-36W and so on. When HBH-602 is coding, you need to turn on the headset first, and then hold down “+”and “-“simultaneously for 10 seconds. At this time, the indicator light flashes red and green alternately, so you can use your mobile phone to search for Bluetooth devices. For HS-36W, turn on the headset, then hold down the power button and “+” for 10 seconds or so, other steps are the same with ordinary headphones.
  3. When headset enters pairing mode, mobile phone needs to search for Bluetooth devices. Generally it takes the mobile phone about 5 seconds to find the headset. Then select the Bluetooth headsets found in your phone, and the phone will prompt you for a password. Most of the phone password is 0000 or 1234, but there are also individuals that are specially set by manufacturers. There is detailed information in your headphone instructions.
  1. When the mobile phone finds the headset and you have entered the correct password, it does not mean that you can use Bluetooth headset to receive calls. Now a lot of phones need to be connected to the headset after finding the Bluetooth device. If your phone is not connected to the headset in the settings, then you still can not answer the phone. Of course, some phones such as Motorola V3 do not need to connect to the headset, as long as the pairing is successful, the phone will connect to the headset very intelligently.
    This method is suitable for most Bluetooth headsets.

Many Bluetooth headsets can not be connected sometimes. It is shown that the headphones have entered coding status, but the phone can not find the headset. Or the phone has found the headset, but the password is invalid. This is mainly because the new Bluetooth headset chip program is not activated, or the connection times in the headphones memory is full.

Most headset manufacturers are using a unified operation approach in production, that is pressing the “power switch” and “volume +” button at the same time for 15 seconds without letting go, such as Nokia 3W/21W

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