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Divorce for Business Owners- Dividing Assets

Going through a divorce can be a difficult, stressful time for both parties involved. If you or your soon-to-be former spouse own a business, however, the divorce process can get even more complicated and frustrating. Business owners who are thinking about filing for an uncontested divorce may have some unique concerns regarding the best way to divide commonly-held assets without affecting the solvency of their company. Because spouses of business owners may be entitled to up to 50% of a company in certain circumstances, it is critical to know what to do to make sure your ex doesn’t end up owning half of your company in the aftermath of a divorce. Here are some tips to help make sure that you and your business are prepared before going forward with a divorce, in order to prevent your company’s future from being at risk.

Separate Property vs. Marital Property
You’ve heard of common property law, but did you know that not all property must be shared with your spouse upon getting married? According to Denver uncontested divorce specialists Split Simple, “The laws vary from state to state, but property is generally considered separate if it:

  1. Was owned prior to getting married
  2. A gift received solely by one spouse
  3. An inheritance received solely by one spouse
  4. Is part of a personal injury settlement and earmarked for “pain and suffering”

Keeping this in mind, it’s vital to understand that separate property can become marital property if combined with other assets that are jointly owned by the married couple. For example, if you receive an inheritance from a deceased relative and you deposit the inheritance check into your joint savings account, you have effectively lost all rights to the inheritance as separate property and it is now considered your spouse’s property as well.

Marital property can include all assets accumulated by either or both spouses over the course of the marriage. This can include all of the following:

  • 401(k)s, IRAs and other retirement plans
  • Mutual funds, stocks and bonds
  • Life insurance, annuities
  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Real estate
  • Cars, trucks, boats and motor homes
  • Commissions, bonuses and tax refunds

In addition to these assets, any personal business that you own could qualify as marital property if it was founded after you were married. If there is no legal binding document, such as a prenuptial agreement, stating that any business you start after marriage belongs solely to you, then it counts as your spouse’s business as well.

Equitable Distribution vs. Community Property
Most states follow the Equitable Distribution laws, which take the length of the marriage and a spouse’s involvement in a business as well as his or her earning power into account before arriving at a settlement. However, nine states, referred to as Community Property States, consider both spouses as owners of all marital property and require a 50-50 split upon divorce. These nine states include Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. If you and your spouse live in one of these nine states and you have no legal documentation that you, separate from your soon-to-be ex, are the sole proprietor of your business, you may be in for a bit of a court battle over the ownership of your company.

If you and your spouse have filed for an uncontested divorce, it is absolutely possible to have an amicable division of assets by cooperating to meet each other’s needs, splitting the assets as fairly as you can, and being upfront about the things you want and need most out of your divorce agreement. By keeping property laws in mind and remaining vigilant about protecting your business, you will be able to finalize your divorce and divide your assets as quickly and simply as possible.

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4 Reasons to Promote Your Marketing Services to Specific Niches

Whether you’re a novice marketer or an experienced member of an established marketing firm, you’ve probably noticed that the industry is somewhat saturated with competition.

In other words, there’s no shortage of marketers out there who would be more than willing to take your clients or offer them a cheaper deal to undercut you.

In such a bustling, cut-throat environment, it has become more important than ever to target specific audiences with your promotional efforts.

Marketing to the general public still works, but it’s almost always easier to land a client when you can show them proof that you specialize in providing marketing services that are geared towards their niche.

Here are four reasons every marketer should be promoting their services to specific niches:

1. It Just Works

Niche-specific marketing is downright effective in comparison to general promotion.

One example of a successful niche-specific marketing service that has done quite well is Justia, which has essentially become the go-to platform for legal professionals to obtain marketing, web development, and content creation services.

You only need to read a few Justia reviews to see that this approach has worked very well. 

2. Your Portfolio Will Make Sense to Prospects

When you have a portfolio that contains sections devoted to different niches, prospective clients who operate in those industries will have a better understanding of what they’re looking at and how your services can be of help to them.

Building on the previous example, if you were to show a law firm your portfolio and it didn’t contain any instances of work done for legal professionals, they would have nothing to gauge the potential quality of your services in relation to their unique needs. 

3. You’ll Be Able to Provide Better Bespoke Lead Generation

If your marketing firm offers lead generation, you’ll be much more effective at converting prospective leads when you’re familiar with the industry lingo.

Becoming familiar with the inner workings of a niche means that you’ll be knowledgeable enough to formulate highly effective pitches that will resonate with the target audience.

Plus, by exploring one niche at a time, eventually you’ll have enough specializations to impress the vast majority of potential clients. 

4. You’ll Stand Out in the Crowd

If you obtain clients through freelancing or job listing sites, you probably know that every application or proposal you submit is but one in a huge selection that the client has to choose from.

With the ability to mention your specialization in their niche, you can instantly set yourself apart from the dozens of other people who will be competing for the job or project. 

Should You Start a New Firm for Each Niche?

The old “jack of all trades but master of none” comes to mind when you think of a business that tries to cater to everyone’s needs equally.

While it’s certainly possible to provide general marketing services to everyone indiscriminately, there may be some merit in launching separate firms that each specializes within specific niches.

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Top Financial Tips for Pursuing High-Risk Activities

Humans have been in thrall to gambling for millennia as the prospect of making a handsome reward from a wager is extremely tantalizing.

Cavemen played rudimentary games of chance, the Romans threw dice and 15th century Europeans loved a good game of Baccarat. Betting is deeply interwoven in human history and the advent of smartphones makes it possible to place wagers 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

You can bet on sporting events, try your hand at online casinos or play the stock market, but how do you thrive as a gambler in the modern era?

Pick a pursuit

In the long-term, you’re highly unlikely to turn a profit out of online slots. They each come with a payout percentage ranging from around 85% to 98%, meaning that you will eventually lose out if you keep playing them.

You can become a professional poker player, but very few of them rise to the top and make a living from it. Your two most compelling options are predicting stocks and predicting the outcome of sporting contests.

There’s a huge range of established sites that allow you to bet on sports in a safe environment, and it can be an exhilarating pursuit. This is an extremely mature industry nowadays and it is spreading like wildfire across the U.S. since the Supreme Court axed PASPA in May 2018.

If you enjoy a particular sport and feel like you could immerse yourself in it, you can make a healthy, on-going profit by wagering on it. But do not spread yourself too thin: you are unlikely to become an absolute expert on basketball and tennis, so pick one and stick with it. 

Alternatively, you could choose to invest in the stock market. This is another form of gambling: you are rewarded for successfully predicting the future and punished for failing to do so.

Yet the stock market carries an expectation of returns in the long run, so it might be seen as less risky than sports betting.

There are extremely volatile stocks, and investments like cryptocurrency are highly risky, but you can choose blue-chip stocks alongside some speculative punts, balance your portfolio and reap the rewards long-term.

Do your research

Research is key for anyone hoping to improve their financial situation by betting on sports or playing the stock market. If you are investing in gold, oil or cannabis, you should be reading as much as possible on these topics.

Follow the progress of the sector, the large cap stocks and the penny stocks. Arm yourself with as much information as possible and make informed, educated investment decisions based on historical trends and astute predictions. 

Sports betting is just the same. There is a wealth of data available to help you in your endeavours. Check out the head-to-head record between two teams, their offensive and defensive strengths, injury concerns, suspensions, fatigue levels, motivation levels, home record, away record and so on.

Never bet blind. Absorb as much information as possible before betting from a position of strength. Learn to hedge your bets, play the fluctuations in value. Check out what professional tipsters are saying and see if you agree with them.

The principles are the same in sports wagering and playing the stock market, and they both ensure you become proficient at financial literacy, risk management and spotting opportunities.

Practice sensible bankroll management

Never bet beyond your means. Set money aside after paying your rent, bills and living expenses, and manage the remaining bankroll sensibly. Be cautious and never bet when angry, drunk or chasing a loss. That is a sure fire way to fail.

If you gamble sensibly, arm yourself with as much data and information as possible and avoid veering far from your areas of specialism, you can absolutely make a continued profit out of predicting stocks and betting on sports, and you can even make a full-time living out of it.

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The Pros and Cons of Forex Trading for Investors

Foreign exchange trading, or forex, is a complex form of investing that can have lucrative returns if you know what you’re doing.

Forex trading isn’t suited for inexperienced traders or those with low risk appetite. But there are many benefits to trading in currencies. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to invest in currencies.

The Benefits of Forex Trading

Forex trading offers many benefits to investors, such as:

High Liquidity

Liquidity allows an asset to be quickly converted into cash without any price discount. In the foreign exchange market, this means that money can be moved into and out of foreign currency with little price movement.

24-Hour Market

The forex market is global, so trading is continuous as long as a market is open somewhere in the world. Trading begins when the forex Australia market opens on Sunday evening and ends after the market closes in New York on Friday. The ability to trade virtually any time and any day makes forex easily accessible.

Low-Cost Trading

Transaction costs are generally low with forex and built into the price. This is called the spread, which is the difference between the buying and selling price. Low-cost trading makes forex an attractive option for traders.


Forex brokerages allow traders to use leverage when trading the market. Leverage gives you the ability to trade more money than what is in your account. 

For example, if you were to trade at 50:1 leverage, this means that you could trade $50 for every $1 in your account. This would give you the opportunity to potentially control a trade of $50,000 using just $1,000 of your own capital.

The Drawbacks of Forex Trading

While there are numerous benefits to forex trading, there are also many risks, or drawbacks, to consider.

Leverage Risks

Leverage in forex investing requires a small investment, which is known as a margin. Margin gives traders access to substantial trades in foreign currencies. Margin calls may occur when there’s small price fluctuations which would require you – the investor – to pay additional margin.

If you’re aggressive with leverage when market conditions are volatile, you could face substantial losses in excess of your initial investment.

Exchange Rate Risk

Exchange rate risk refers to the risk caused by changes in currency value. The risk is based on the continuous and often volatile shifts in global supply and demand balance. When a trader’s position is outstanding, it is subject to all price changes. That risk can be quite substantial and will be dependent on the market’s perception of which way the currency will move.

Less Regulatory Protection

The forex market is considered an over-the-counter market, which means that trades are not carried out on a centralized exchange. Regulatory oversight can be limited.

Because regulatory protection is limited, it’s important to research the broker’s reputation and trading practices before creating an account. Depending on your home country, you may or may not have much legal recourse if you feel that you’ve been treated fairly by your broker.

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6 Tips to Become a Successful Trader

Successful traders are disciplined, and a very small percentage of traders actually make money and continue trading (less than 10%). There’s a learning curve when trading forex, and if you don’t have enough start-up capital or do your research, you’re starting at a major disadvantage.

Tips to help you become a successful trader, include:

1. Start With Sufficient Capital

You need to have sufficient capital and not invest when you’re in debt. If you plan on making small trades, called micro lots, you can safely begin trading when you have $1,000. Limited capital leads to emotional trading and this is a recipe for disaster.

2. Trading Isn’t Easy Money

If you’re looking for easy money, get a part-time job. Do not start trading with the intent of getting out of debt or making money fast. Emotions are going to make you trade with too much risk involved.

3. Be Very Cautious With Leverage

Does your online trading platform allow you to use leverage when making trades? If so, you may make a $3,000 trade on just $100 capital. If you end up with a loss, you’ve lost more money than you have in your bankroll.

It’s important to be very careful with leveraging because you can also suffer significant losses.

Keep leverage trading to the experts, or at the very least, do not start your trading activities with leveraging until you have a good grasp of what works and doesn’t work.

4. Learn All About Risk Management

If you haven’t learned about risk management, it’s time to start. Every trade has its own inherent risks, and it’s up to you to make smart trades with risks in mind. You need to remember to protect what you have.

Profits come second because if your capital is wiped out, you lose your ability to make any profit.

One method of risk management is to put stop-loss orders in place. Lot sizes should be reasonable, and know when to exit a trade.

5. Don’t Become Emotionally Attached

You made a trade based on your own research. You’re sure a currency is going to go up, but you’re starting to get close to a loss. It’s time to pull out of the trade, but a lot of traders get emotionally attached and never actually exit the trade.

If you become emotionally attached to any investment, this puts you at risk of losing money.

Leave emotions behind and use trading as an investment only. When an investment starts losing money or no longer makes sense, exit it.

6. Build Your Own Success Strategy

You can purchase trading systems, but they will not be 100% accurate at all times. When you rely on someone’s system, you may find success until or you may be stuck in a losing system. You should build your own method and strategy to find what works.

A lot of marketers are selling systems to make quick money, and these systems don’t work well.

The best way to find success as a forex trader is to learn from your mistakes and successes, building a system along the way that you can follow.

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How Blockchain is Affecting These Four Industries

Blockchain is a popular buzzword in today’s technology landscape. But what exactly is blockchain? While the concept can be confusing for many, it’s important to understand how it will affect our everyday lives. Blockchain is a digital ledger that’s managed by the community that uses it. This trusted, decentralized network makes it easy for people to transfer anything of value—from currency to data—and it does so in a secure, peer-to-peer process.

Blockchain is virtually hack-free thanks to its inherent cryptographic properties. Think of blockchain as a virtual bank; it’s the foundation for all types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. And the fact is, blockchain will affect many areas of everyday life in the coming years. Here are four industries where you can expect major changes in the future:


Naturally, banking is the most obvious sector for blockchain disruption. First and foremost, traditional banks are plagued with a number of issues. Because blockchain is built as a highly secure system, it ensures that there will always be a permanent transaction record that is not at the mercy of the bank itself. Already, many major banks are using blockchain to facilitate the distribution of funds internationally, a costly and cumbersome process. You can also expect a significant reduction in fraud, as it’s resistant to current hacking methods. It will also help expedite some of the more common lengthy financial processes, such as applying for a bank loan. 

Data & Hosting

Today, blockchain is impacting data center infrastructure, and data centers and cloud hosting services must consider the future requirements of blockchain-based businesses. Already, major corporations like Google have made significant investments in blockchain tech to address the future need for secure transactional processes. 

According to Flexential, a hybrid IT solutions provider with over 40 data centers, “Edge colocation services and blockchain technology have been developing independently for several years, but their paths are unavoidably merging. Largely developed for cryptocurrencies, the security of blockchain coding is rooted in its distribution among many users. Edge colocation is the practice of locating highly connected data centers in markets traditionally underserved by big providers, thereby diffusing the risk of attack on any one data center.”

Real Estate

Real estate is a complex and multifaceted industry. The process of purchasing a home involves a hefty amount of paperwork, and it can quickly become time-consuming and confusing. With blockchain, transaction records and paperwork will be more easily and securely stored. And of course, it will cost less in the long-run and cut administrative work immensely. With smart contracts built on blockchain technology, buyers will be able to securely send funds that will be released when all conditions are met—eliminating the complexity of various escrow processes. Furthermore, real estate could use blockchain tech to further build transparency and trust (such as valuation details), reduce the necessity for intermediaries (like escrow companies), and make it possible to relay and receive accurate, reliable property details.


Of course, startups encompass a wide range of industries, but because they are their own ecosystem, it’s worth a mention. After all, startups are the foundation with which today’s tech scene is built upon: a small idea with little traction can notoriously become much more, changing consumer behavior entirely. Today’s startups are comprised of forward-thinking entrepreneurs with innovative visions, but finding the right investors, pitching concepts, and managing finances is a complicated process for founders with limited time and resources.  With blockchain technology, entrepreneurs would be able to convey their business ideas while protecting their businesses. Case in point: as an investor in a developed country, you might want to invest in a startup from an emerging country, capitalizing on foreign talent, contributing to that country’s economic growth, and getting the most value for your money. However, there are often political barriers and a lack of policies or infrastructure to make it easy to handle this type of transaction. A blockchain-based investment platform, for example, would make it easier for startups to connect with potential investors without dealing with the hassle of local laws and regulations. 

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Casino Hacks: Secrets the Online Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

Let’s knock the ball out the park right now, by saying this is far from a scam idea or bluff concept.

There is an achievable goal when playing in the sites of multi-million-dollar valued operators and this is to take as much from them as possible. Here we’re going to tell you of two areas of the platform which are hacks to help you to take a bite of the metaphorical cherry!

Casino Programming: Use the House Tools Against Them

The programming of any of the best USA casinos online is not actually implemented by the casinos themselves but by the software developers which make the packages for them. To help the casino use the software there is a management tool.

  • The management tool is used to track and keep a record and history of every member within the casino. Logging payments in and out, games played, last played and bonuses used and offered. This is the system on its most basic level.

This database falls under the terms and conditions and by agreeing to play at the casino.

In the small print, you accept that this data tracking will go unchallenged, but this is really no bad thing and is not an act which is not unknown by the regulators. The benefits of this work more in favor of the player than the casino.

With regards to regulations and how they come into effect; casinos online must be sure that the site is servicing players fairly and part of this is to have games which are cleared of faults and glitches.

Once a month casino will run a cleaning program on their games. Here’s how you notice…

  • Normally the placement of a game in the menu will rank its positioning based on the release date of a game. New ones at the beginning and older ones towards the end. If an older game suddenly appears to jump towards the start of the menu, this is a good indicator that the game has been ‘updated’ and the best time to play it.

Updating systems also benefits the player’s account, the management tool has to clean its cache of data for all players and this effects the gaming history. This is why this is a perfect operation…

  • There is no such thing as beginners’ luck, you will always land a big win or a bonus round on your first game because the ‘system’ has no record to effectively say ‘don’t payout yet, they need to play more’. Thusly, the more times a player’s data is cleaned the more chance you have of winning.

Steps to take to fully take advantage of this process:

  1. Only play newly released games, they have no data history of you.
  • If you land a bonus feature or ‘Big Win’, then once it is over, leave the game and play another.
  • Once you have played as many new games as you can handle, withdraw your winnings and once the cash has deposited clear your app cache and browser history. Uninstall and reinstall your casino app as a precaution and do not play for 31 days.
  • Log back in after giving the casino a month to clean its end and begin playing again, to then repeat the same process.

Game Programming: Beat the House at Their Own Game

Casino games are built with two algorithms, the most commonly used one is the RTP (Return to Player). This works in conjunction with your gaming data in the management tool. So, what does this mean in laymen terms?

  • If you have a program that pays out on a specific percentage amount, to which the player puts into the game, then your fate is predetermined. There is no luck, it’s all destined to take place based on the volume of cash you inject into the machine/game.

So, what do we do? Well, option one is to avoid all RTP games and just opt for those working on RNG algorithms (Random Number Generator). Option two is to do as previously suggested. Play, log out, clean your device, wait 31 days and start again.

Now you know exactly how the game works and now you know how to play them at their own game.

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What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Surety Bonds

Whether an experienced business professional or a newcomer as an entrepreneur, operating a successful company requires owners to wear many different hats. Tasks including bookkeeping, hiring, marketing, and compliance with state and federal business regulations must either be managed internally or outsourced to an expert. One of the often overlooked components of operating a business is the need for a surety bond.

Many entrepreneurs confuse surety bonds and insurance, using the terms interchangeably. However, recognizing what a surety bond is, when it is required, and its cost can be incredibly beneficial in ensuring a business is complying with licensing and operation guidelines set by the state or federal governments.

What is a Surety Bond?

A surety bond is a contract between three distinct parties: the surety company providing the bond, the principal required to have a bond in place, and the obligee that mandates a bond. This contract ensures that if the principal of the bond does not perform business activities in line with the law or licensing guidelines, a claim can be made against the bond to cover financial losses. In this sense, a surety bond works similarly to an insurance policy for customers of the business. Unlike insurance, however, bond claims are paid to the impacted party, not the company.

Surety bonds come in many different categories, and the type of surety bond a business needs depends on the work being performed or the services offered. For example, a state or county may require a surety bond as part of the licensing or permit process, or when a bid is placed on a construction project. Surety bonds may also be necessary to protect customers and the public from dishonest employees, or due to a court mandate.

Businesses Requiring a Bond

Many businesses need to have a surety bond in place, but be sure to check with local business agencies to determine if one is necessary for a specific industry or company type. The most common businesses that need a surety bond include:

  • Auto dealers
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Money transmitters
  • Collection agencies
  • Travel agencies
  • Sports agents
  • Auctioneers
  • Contractors and construction professionals

Other companies may secure a bond based on the type of transactions they complete for customers, especially when employees are entrusted with managing the services provided.

Surety Bond Costs

Entrepreneurs should also be aware of the cost of a surety bond, as this represents an essential expense of the business. Surety bonds are priced as a percentage of the total bond amount required, not the full bond. The percentage an entrepreneur pays can range from 1 to 15% of the bond total, but it depends on the following factors:

  • The size of the bond
  • The personal credit history of the bondholder
  • The business financials of the company
  • The type of bond being put in place

One of the most influential components of surety bond pricing is personal credit. The surety company initially pays for claims against a bond, but the principal is required to repay this amount when a claim is successful. Given this structure, a surety bond works as a form of extended credit the bondholder. If personal credit of an entrepreneur is less than ideal, meaning negative marks like late payments, bankruptcy, court judgments, or liens are showing on a credit report, the cost of a bond will be higher.

Getting a Surety Bond

To ensure a business is able to obtain the bond it needs to comply with laws and regulations specific to its industry, entrepreneurs need to understand what’s required to get a bond. Many surety companies make the initial process of applying for a bond simple, requiring a brief online or phone application.

This process involves providing detailed information about the business owner, the business location and industry, and the type of bond needed. Once these details are received, the surety company reviews the application to determine if additional information is necessary, such as business financial documents or industry experience.

After an application and all required information is provided, the surety company determines the bond price and offers next steps for putting the bond in place. In many cases, bonds need to be renewed each year to stay compliant with licensing or business requirements.

Surety bonds are an essential aspect of doing business in many different industries throughout the country. Entrepreneurs can prepare for operating a successful company by understanding how a surety bond works, the price of a surety bond, and the process of putting a surety bond in place.

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What is a Woocommerce Product Addons Plugin? How is it useful to Woocommerce online store owners?

Woocommerce is the biggest ecommerce platform out there and, by far, the most easiest one amongst all. It’s used by tens of thousands of users across the world. Basically Woocommerce is an ecommerce plugin which once added to a WordPress website will convert that WordPress website into a feature-rich ecommerce website. However, even though Woocommerce is a feature-rich ecommerce solution, some specific features may not be part of the default Woocommerce pack. These functionalities could easily be enabled on the website by installing a plugin. 

WordPress and Woocommerce have a very active community of developers from across the world and literally has a solution (in the form of a plugin) for any type of functionality requirement that arises in an ecommerce website.There are thousands of plugins to enable various features – some are for general features (like Google Analytics integration, Google Feed Manger, SEO optimization etc) and others are to enable some specific features. Woocommerce product addons are such type of plugins, that comes in the latter category, which fulfills some specific functionality- missing features in the product detail page of the Woocommerce websites, in this case. So for the same functionality, plugins are available from multiple developers, plugins of different types – some free and others with a cost. These product addon plugins are also known in the names of  Woocommerce product options, Woocommerce custom fields etc. Even though there are many such plugins developed by various companies to serves the same purpose, a plugin which stands out from the lot is Woocommerce product addons plugin by Acowebs. This plugin is built with a drag and drop form builder, which makes it easier than the rest. It also has a great UX and is easy to manage. The pro version comes with a nominal cost which itself is the lowest for any type of plugin, not to mention this separately. 

So what all are the main features in these product addon or product option plugins?

By default, the product detail page in Woocommerce store comes with very basic information, considering the fact that various types of products and services are sold through these websites and all are not the same. So depending on the specifications of the products (or services) in various websites, only these may not suffice for all occasions. Here comes into play this plugin as it can help the admins and website owners to add many additional details and collect these information, which would be sent to them as email along with the order details (and also stored in the back-end of the website) once the user makes a purchase. 

So with this plugin admins can add text field, an HTML 5 input field to add numbers, a radio button field, a multi-selection field to choose from, a date & time field, a color field to pick the colors, some hidden fields, a password field etc (and many more) at just once single click. Apart from these basic features, the product addon plugins also have many other high-end features like custom price fields (where the price can be added for each field/item that the user adds), custom price formulas (where used a formula can be used to calculate the pricing), Conditional logic (to show or hide some fields based on the related fields chosen), Custom date picker, time picker and many more. 

This free version of the Woocommerce product addons plugin also has some good features, even though some of the advanced features are available only in the pro version. It has a top overall rating – with 5* given by developers and website owners across the world. The drag and drop form builder of this plugin really makes creating forms a hassle-free exercise.

The main advantage of these type of plugins are they actually enable the Woocommerce store to sell not only physical products, but also digital products, professional services etc, which in turn leverages this ecommerce platform to become an expandable solution to various other segments as well, rather than just being tied up as a solution for just physical products. 

As we discussed the product addons are just one kind of plugins that solve a particular purpose, and there are many other plugins which solves a specific problem, by adding a specific functionality that is missing in the default Woocommerce plugin. Woocommerce also has a plugin marketplace, but the surprising fact is that there are other plugins too with good features, made by skilled developers from across the world.

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Why Customer Reviews Are the Lifeblood of Online Businesses

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Business Law Essentials: Why You Need A Lawyer For Your Business

There are many aspects to running a business. The ones that you hear about are marketing, production, and of course, finance.

One of the more underemphasized aspects of a business is the legal aspect. It’s a common misconception to think that a business only needs the aid of lawyers when they are in trouble with the law.

It’s a common misconception to think that a business only needs the aid of lawyers when they are in trouble with the law.

While it’s completely correct to perceive lawyers as problem solvers, the true value of their mastery of the law lies in their ability to use their knowledge to help businesses avoid any legal repercussions.

You can basically say that business law is a minefield that’s primed to punish a business that takes a wrong step, and the lawyers are minesweepers.

Lawyers are master strategists in the realm of business law and it would be wise to seek their counsel on business matters that may seem like muddled water to the layperson. But, despite this expertise, there’s also the other side of the argument, and that’s the fact that lawyers cost a lot of money to hire. 

Naturally, any business owner in his right mind is going to want to ensure that a business lawyer’s expertise is going to be used only when it’s truly needed. This is so that a major advantage would not become a meaningless waste of money. 

Efficiency is achieved by determining what are the business tasks that you can do yourself and what are the tasks that are best handled by a business lawyer.

A few examples of the tasks that are best handled by a business lawyer are as follows:

Securing Intellectual Property

When you’re able to create something, it’s best to secure it in such a way that you are the sole recognized creator (or author) of that idea or concept. Intellectual property is secured by legal tools such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

Each of these legal tools has a specific purpose that business lawyers know how to use to their maximum effect. Not only that, but lawyers also have mastery over the process of invoking these legal tools. 

Business Structuring

Business structuring refers to the business type the entity (your business) is going to be set up as. The business types are sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation. 

Each of these business types has a set of traits that may or may not affect you in the future as a business owner.

A prime example can be on how a corporation is treated as its own legal person, separate from the shareholders and business owners.

Therefore, shareholders are not entitled to all of the profits of the corporation. Because the corporation is treated as a separate legal entity, its revenue is its own, and not that of the individuals that make up the corporation.

Apart from the foresight that business lawyers bring to the table, they are also well versed in the procedures of business structuring and can detect when there’s something that isn’t being done properly.

Remember that in any aspect of the law, it’s always best to go by the book, to follow standard procedure and to adhere to the rules.

Employment Contract Management

Going back to the analogy of how business law is a minefield that business owners need to navigate through, there are many aspects of an employment contract that may be difficult to understand.

This statement does not devalue the average person’s ability to understand these legal concepts, but rather, it tries to put an emphasis on the intricacies involved in a contract.

A contract is a binding agreement that can also be used as a basis for when obligations are not met.

These can be used in a way that can bring harm to your business if your employment contracts are not met, whether it’s in the way that you may not be able to meet (and sustain) the conditions you put forth in the contract or if it’s in how your contract might not effectively shield you from an employee acting in bad faith. 

There are many reasons that an employee might think it right to sue their employer. Some employees may even go as far as to use personal injury lawsuits to their advantage.

And while expert injury lawyers like the ones at the Davis Law Group can aid you in your defense, preventive measures may also be taken with the right contract provisions.

Once again, it’s mostly about foresight and careful planning. 

Peace of Mind

Lawyers may bring all kinds of expertise and inside knowledge to the table, but the most important point of hiring a lawyer, at least in my humble opinion, is that they grant the business owners a peace of mind that they are going to do things the right way.

Running through a minefield is not only an extremely stressful experience, it’s also dangerous. The primary source of both the stress and the danger is in the uncertainty of where your next step is going to land.

Now, imagine if you were to be led through all of that by someone who knows his way around. Suddenly, the task of walking through a minefield is reduced to just that, simply walking.

And this peace of mind that everything is going to be alright is what’s supremely important because it allows you to attend to the other aspects of running your business.

Instead of having to go through sleepless nights of worrying whether you’re registering your business correctly or if you’re using your legal tools properly, you could do the thing that truly defines what being a business owner is all about…

And it’s all about running your business, building customer relations, and marketing your products.

Bonus: Time

Yes, time. If you’re able to delegate these responsibilities to someone more qualified than you are, you’re going to free up a lot of time that you otherwise would not have because of your lack of mastery that an expert would not have. 

Time is especially important because it goes beyond the realm of business ownership and into your personal life.

And while I am a staunch believer of compartmentalism, it cannot be denied that no matter what we do, the many areas of our lives will always overlap with each other. A bit of time is going to go a long way in helping you strike a balance between the different t aspects of your life.

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4 Things To Consider Before Starting A Small Business

There is nothing better than being your own boss, but before you start a business “Look before you leap”.

There are some important considerations that will help you, when you are thinking about starting a small business.


Is your idea of business worth the time and energy you plan on spending on it? The idea has to be efficient in terms of the certain things like demographics of that area where you are planning to start the business (Average age of the population, division of the genders and the total population) along with this you have to cater for the local needs of the target area (Preferences, usage patterns, spending pattern of the consumers, the potential customers that your business may attract).


Most important aspect before starting any business is you have to consider the fact that whether your business is feasible .i.e. whether it will breakeven and start generating profit and revenue within 2 years so that you can grow. Because according to experts, small business should reach a breakeven within 2 years otherwise you have to seriously think about your business.

Along with the feasibility you have to consider your financing method for the business to be feasible, for this you have to think;

  1. Do I have my own capital to finance the business?
    1. Personal capital investment is risky because in case of business failing, you won’t have your savings to support you.
  2. Do I intend to borrow?
    1. Multiple options available in the market, each with its pro’s and con’s. It will be discussed later.

Additional Costs

No business can survive in the current market scenario without people being aware about it or the product and service being visible for potential customers. The cost of promotion is a major factor in making any business feasible because you have to make sure people are aware and can see your product. If they see, they will buy.

Now that we have laid a basic premise on the 3 basic considerations, let’s talk about the fourth consideration

How To Execute The Idea?

Execution of a business idea entails the cost of starting and financing a business. As discussed before, the borrowing option is better and there are multiple options of borrowing.

Traditional borrowing is readily available at banks but the cost of traditional borrowing is high as the interest rates demanded by banks are very high and most small business cannot afford it and sucked into the debt trap and eventually falter and default because of the harsh terms of the commercial banks.

So you have to be creative and have to look for other options i.e. financial institutions available in market with flexible terms and conditions according to what suits your business and available for financing your idea and to make it a profitable venture. There are multiple institutions available in market for especially helping small businesses to grow by financing them. You have to be creative, you have to be thinking about capital to get alternative capital borrowing for small business to grow and reach their potential through partnerships and key technology support. According to Thinking Capital, alternative financing is a new frontier solely dedicated to the growth and success of small businesses.

It’s a decision you need to make, as today’s wise decision will mark either your success or failure in future. Think wise and grow.

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Information About Cross Border VAT

Determine If You Are Liable For VAT

There is no clear-cut answer to whether or not you are liable for VAT as it depends on several factors.  These factors include who you sell to, what you sell and where you sell it. If you are an e-commerce seller, you have to ask yourself a few questions to help understand what your VAT position is.

•      Are you based outside or inside the EU?

•      Are you selling to customers or businesses?

•      Are you selling goods or services?

•      Where are the people that you sell to, are they inside or outside the EU?

The EU VAT distance selling rules will still apply to you regardless of your answers. VATIT recommends that you note that there are a few exceptions for excise products. If you need more information regarding this, you should look at the European Commission website.

Keep Up To Date With Thresholds

If you are in the EU and selling to customers in EU member states, you need to know what your total annual sales including postage are. You also need to know if this falls below the tax threshold for the respective country. If they are under the threshold, you will not have to register for VAT.

The problem is that VAT thresholds will vary in the different member states. It is also relatively easy to hit the thresholds in certain countries. In fact, Poland has a threshold of €35,000 while you have to reach €100,000 in sales to hit the threshold in Germany. 

If you are selling in multiple countries, you should look at software that will help you monitor the threshold levels. If you do not register, your sellers may become liable and this will result in some bad customer feedback. There are websites that will have all of the thresholds that you need to know about.

Storing Goods In Another European Country

If you have chosen a fulfillment center in the EU to sell your goods from, you have to be VAT registered in that country. This needs to be done regardless of whether or not it is handled through a marketplace such as Amazon. 

An example of this will be the Amazon Pan EU program where goods are stored in up to 7 different EU countries. You will need to register for VAT in all 7 countries. If you fail to do this, you could face penalties, backdated payments and your account could be shut down if you use an online marketplace.

The European Commission has proposed some new standards on transparency and fairness for online marketplace platforms. This is a bid to help small and medium-sized businesses. Under these rules, if your account has been suspended, the marketplace will have to provide a statement of reason.

Keep Track Of Sales And Invoices

You need to have a system that tracks all of your sales information including the country your customer is located in. If you have problems with this, there is advanced technology that you can use as well as great software packages that will do all of this for you. Investing the right technology will make your selling process much easier. You will also stay on top of your shipping, invoices and sales data.

There Are Different VAT Rates

All of the countries in the EU have VAT, but they also have different VAT rates that are applied which you need to know about. They also have different names for the rate such as TVA in France, MWST in Germany and IVA in Spain. As the rates of VAT are different in all member states, you need to ensure that you are up to date with the language used and the details. If you have problems with this, you might need to hire an expert to help.

Know Which Rate Applies To Your Goods And Services

The classification system for VAT can vary depending on the country. This is similar to the thresholds that you need to meet and the rates will vary from 17% to 27%. You are responsible for charging the correct amount of VAT. You will be able to find a full listing of VAT on a number of websites.

How Long Does It Take To Register For VAT?

You need to leave between 3 to 10 weeks to register for VAT. Of course, the timing will be different depending on the country you are registering in. However, it is recommended that you allow the maximum amount of time. 

Ensure That You Are Filing Correctly

Once you have registered, you need to ensure that you meet the deadlines and frequency of filing for each member state. This filing could be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, twice per year or yearly.  This is something that you will need to check with the member state.

Check If You Need To Comply with Certain Reporting Requirements

If you are working with the Amazon Pan EU service, you might have to file an EC sales list. Intrastat Declarations may also be required, but you will need to check the thresholds for this to determine if you are liable.

Digital Goods

Digital goods is a different game when it comes to VAT. VAT MOSS will be applied to sales of digital services in the EU. This will include supplying broadcasting, telecommunication, and other digital services to consumers. The European Commission has suggested a threshold for this and it is likely to be €100000.

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The Fascia Guru and Her FasciaBlaster

Who is Ashley Black?

Ashley Black created, designed, and engineered the FasciaBlaster tools; it is the safe, non-invasive alternative treatments for cellulite. Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster has quickly transformed into nothing less than a household name across the wellness industry.  The invention and the family of products created alongside the FasciaBlaster have given Ashley Black fame and a multimillionaire’s salary, but the road that brought her to this moment wasn’t an easy one for her to follow. The rocky terrain that life handed Ashley Black at the beginning of her life was so perilous most people would not have had the strength to come out the other end alive.

Ashley Black did.

Ashley’s Life-Altering Setback

Ashley Black was born with a debilitating form of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, which instilled the drive within her to defy the odds. In spite of her condition, she went on to become a competitive gymnast in HighSchool, later becoming a fitness instructor and competitive dancer during her time in college.

Ashley’s Life-Altering Setback – Round Two

The FasciaBlaster creator faced another setback to her health in her mid-twenties when, after a routine hospital visit, bone-eating bacteria infected and spread leaving Ashley with severe damage to her hip, pelvis, and spine. Once again, the doctors told her that the damage would leave her disabled and in pain for the rest of her life. And once again, despite this achingly grim prognosis, Ashley Black was determined to overcome this debilitating circumstance and show everyone watching exactly how resilient and amazing the human body, when led by the will and focused determination of a thousand armies, can be.

On the Hunt for FasciaBlaster

After Ashley traveled to India and received custom pelvic and hip implants to help with her mobility, she began to travel around the world, studying various medical techniques that would help to relieve her pain. This worldwide journey led to her discovery of techniques and remedies that facilitated her return to a functional life. Ashley knew all along that this journey of healing would not be complete until she was able to take what she had learned and the techniques that had played a significant part in easing her pain, reassembling her strength was shaped and packaged and given back to a large community of people, just like her, who were facing the same ‘achingly grim prognosis.’

Through the study and research of fascia, Ashley Black developed new solutions to manage pain and the knowledge to help others do the same. At this moment, the FasciaBlaster began to take form.

Ashley Black returned to the United States and was hit with overwhelming acclaim and excitement when sharing the pain-mitigating techniques she had developed; allowing her to open a number of Fasciology clinics based on her techniques. These facilities were used to help those in need and train health and medical professionals to use the pain-alleviating methods she had cultivated through her research and discovery across the vast scope of what people call “the world of medicine.” Despite the great success of the Fasciology clinics,  Ashley Black still believed that people should be able to heal themselves and become more than they ever thought possible. Ashley Black wanted to create an easy, but effective way for people to apply her fascial treatments she created to their own diagnosis and performance needs. Once again, Ashley’s journey took another big step closer to the revelatory moment when the FasciaBlaster took shape in her mind.

What is the FasciaBlaster? (and the FasciaBlaster tools)

Fascia is a communication system, delivering brain to body and body to brain messages. It’s the primary sensory organ so it’s crucial in the role of pain sensory. Fascia is also a fluid system, so it’s very imperative that fascia fluids flow, just like other fluid systems, like the blood and lymphatic systems. Fascia is best known as connective tissue. It’s the membrane that coats our muscles (and our organs and other structures like the brain) and penetrates them to help maintain muscle alignment. When there are issues with the fascia system in our body, it can lead to pain, muscle rigidity, decreased joint function, inadequate blood circulation, reduced muscle definition and performance, inactive nerves, lousy posture, and increase the formation of cellulite–the FasciaBlaster combats these symptoms to eventually alleviate all of these issues. The FasciaBlaster fits in your hand comfortably and is used to break up fascial adhesions and fat deposits trapped under the skin all over the body. The FasciaBlaster  works by massaging the underlying layer of muscle, allowing fat deposits that are trapped within and under the muscles to disperse faster.

Sound too good to be true?

The FasciaBlaster tools have been peer-reviewed and published in medical journals, so it’s no wonder customers see life-changing results.

Is the FasciaBlaster Easy to Use?

FasciaBlaster’s design makes it straightforward and easy to use. Ashley Black herself takes you through each step of this easy-to-follow process in this video:

FasciaBlaster® 101 – how to use the FasciaBlaster®.

How Do You Use The FasciaBlaster?

   Welcome to FasciaBlaster 101 (Your Step by Step Guide to Proper FasciaBlasting)

  1. Before blasting, get warm, to increase your blood circulation and reduce the pain on the skin when blasting. This warm bath is not required but it makes the experience more enjoyable and productive.
  1. Apply oil to the area you plan to work on. This will help to reduce the friction of the device against your skin.
  1. Use the FasciaBlaster to smooth out the oil over the skin evenly to prepare for the blast. You don’t need to touch the oil with your hands, and this gives you a good grip on the tools.
  1. Using your FasciaBlaster, and, at first, lightly (at the skin level) massage the area you are focused on working. By beginning carefully, you can note the parts of the body that are already reacting to and sore from the light touch and you can continue at this same light pressure until you’re ready for more in-depth work.
  1. If you feel no discomfort to mild discomfort while blasting at the skin level, then you can slowly and steadily tighten your grip, and press down a bit harder to get below the skin level to the fascia level to start working to break up adhesions and smooth the fascia.
  1. Throughout your entire Fasciablasting session, you want to keep a steady back and forth motion, (like a washboard) not changing the speed when you change levels of pressure.

NOTE: You might feel knots that creep up in the fascia and your impulse will want to focus on that particular spot by shortening and quickening your stroke, and that’s okay to do, but always return to a full stroke after the area of focus. Think of fascia knots like knots in your hair, and you are just whisking through it finely to alleviate the knot a little at a time.

  1. Your Fasciablasting strokes should be quick, steady, and unidirectional (going in one direction or ‘back and forth’).
  1. Repeat this with your FasciaBlaster 3 to 4 times each week or as often as you like as long as you’re not sore from blasting. It’s great for muscle fatigue from overuse or a tough workout. 

When fasciablasting for the first time, FasciaBlaster participants, be very aware and pay special attention to your POSTURE.  If you blast with back hunched over and your neck strained forward, you could quite possibly run into some neck and back pain issues along the way. SO…  make sure when you go to blast that your return is neutral, engage your core abdominal muscles, relax your shoulder, resting down and comfortable. 

For more information on all things FasciaBlaster including dynamite tutorials from Ashley Black herself on the steps to properly blast, Click on the link below:


***Do not ever use your FasciaBlaster in a circular motion. Not because there is any danger, but because it’s not useful when working on eliminating the fascia.

Ashley Black Guru

Beyond the FasciaBlaster, Ashley Black has designed several inventions specifically focused on helping people with their fascia health. From the beginning, she knew that she wanted to create more products in the future. She decided to consolidate her inventions and ideas into a collective brand. That is how Ashley Black Guru came to be.  It is one of America’s fastest-growing private companies, with over an astonishing 700% increase in growth in three years of business. Ashley Black has already sold over a million FasciaBlaster products since the creation of her company.

The Mission of Ashley Black Guru

The ultimate goal of Ashley Black Guru is to continue the advancement of the science of Fasciology. Currently, Ashley Black and the Guru/FasciaBlaster team have their hands full, expanding her FasciaBlaster product line to a global market to ensure the whole world can benefit from her treatment methods.  Ashley also plans to train future Fasciologists through the development of a college curriculum and by sharing her research and methodology with medical professionals at global conferences.

Finally, Ashley plans to create a series of documentaries about fascia to educate the general public on the importance of fascia to our body’s health and well-being.

And it all started with the FasciaBlaster!

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Role of current Technologies in the Mobile App Development industry by 2020

There are always going to be things that you can’t afford outright. When faced with situations such as these, you often only have one option left to you – borrow money. While this can certainly help to tide you over, you have to be careful about how this is done. After all, it can be a slippery slope if you aren’t especially good with money. Below, you will find all the dos and don’ts to follow when borrowing money from a lender:

Do Make Loan Comparisons 

If this is not a process that you have gone through before, it is easy to imagine that all advance plans are the same. They are most certainly not. This is why you should always make a comparison, particularly when it comes to the more major options like a home equity loan.

Doing the research will give you some idea of what kind of interest rates, payback periods, and more are out there. In turn, when you make a decision, you will be better equipped to select one that is specifically suited to your requirements as well as your budget in general. 

Don’t Blindly Select a Lender

Another thing that many people fail to grasp is that each lender is different. Now, this isn’t just in terms of the kind of deal that they are offering you. No, each lender specifies in a particular type of loan and client. So, if you want to make this process as smooth and as simple as possible, you should look for the best possible fit for you.

Take Mogo Finance, for instance. This is a lender that specializes in dealing with individuals who aren’t great with their finances or those that have trouble getting out of debt. Does this sound like your situation? If so, such a lender would be a good match for every step of the journey.

Do Create a Budget for Repayments

Most people make calculations to see if they can afford the payments and then forget all about it. This, however, shouldn’t be the end of your planning. Now, clearly, your financial situation isn’t as optimal as you would like it to be. This means that you are going to have to restructure your finances a bit.

Your best option here is to come up with an appropriate budget for yourself. Arrange things so that you are able to pay back what you owe each and every month. Now, you may have to tighten your belt for a little but in the end, it will work out quite well for you.

Don’t Fall Behind With Payments

Even when you do have the money to make the payments, it is possible to be late with them. After all, you have a number of things on your plate and it is only natural to forget every now and then. If you do this, however, there is a chance that your credit score may be affected in the long run. So, do yourself a favor and try to automate these payments. This will ensure that your credit is actually improved. These are the top dos and don’ts to keep in mind if you ever need to take out a loan. This should help you to keep your finances in a good state in the future.

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Stop Crumpling Newspapers: 3 Tricks To Build A Fire Like A Pro

You probably learned to build fires using the traditional teepee method, stuffing balls of crumpled newspaper underneath split wood. As the fire gets hotter, you add more crumpled balls of paper until the fire burns on its own. This is the traditional fire-building method, but it’s not the most efficient. Burning excessive paper is unnecessary and results in excessive ash build-up.

Once you learn to build a fire like a pro, your stack of newspapers will last you several years. Here’s what you need to know:

1. There’s more than one way to build a fire

The nostalgia of building teepee fires is hard to fight, but for the sake of building a better fire, roll with the idea for a minute.

There are plenty of situations in which the teepee method works best. For example, when you’re camping in the wilderness and you have to build your entire fire pit from scratch in the dirt with twigs. However, when you have access to kindling there’s a better way.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you built your fires upside-down? It might be hard to believe, but it’s more efficient to build your fires with the bigger pieces of wood on the bottom and kindling on top. It takes skill to put it together, but once you light the fire, it won’t be long before it gets going.

The benefits to building an upside-down fire are that you don’t need to use paper, and it doesn’t require much maintenance. The fire will burn slowly and more thoroughly for hours without much effort. You’ll produce less smoke, too.

Upside-down fires aren’t just for camping. You can build this type of fire in your home’s wood stove or fireplace. Start by stacking larger pieces of wood on the bottom close together, and build your stack up from there. When you get closer to the top, your wood pieces should be the size of kindling and then at the top should be tinder. Light the fire from the top and be amazed.

2. You can control your fire with the damper

If you’ve never fully realized the potential of a damper, you’re in for a treat. Manipulating the damper doesn’t just push hot air into your home – it’s a tool for creating a fire the way you want it.

How you should position the damper depends on the type of fire you want to build (warm or raging hot) and the weather outside. To make full and proper use of a damper, it’s important to have a chimney cap to prevent moisture from getting into the flue. If everything is wet, you’ll have a harder time starting a fire.

Of course, your first fire of the season will be the biggest challenge since your chimney will be filled with cold air. Opening the damper will push smoke into your home. You could wait for the warmth of your home to heat up the chimney but that can take hours. In this case, building an upside-down fire is essential. Since the fire burns at the top, it will heat up the chimney quickly. Top-down fires also burn hotter, so you won’t need to adjust the damper as much to direct heat into your home.

If you don’t want your home heated to the extreme, build a traditional teepee fire with some uncut rounds. The burn will be slower, and you can adjust the amount of heat you get with the damper (to a degree).

3. Giant rounds are your best friend

When you’ve got a chainsaw, giant rounds will be your best friend. If you’ve never seen anyone build a Swedish fire torch, you’re missing out.

A Swedish fire torch is a campfire built from a single log that’s been cut cross ways with a chainsaw. The taller the log, the longer your fire will burn.

You don’t need a fire pit for this one. Just cut the log as seen in the video linked above, stuff some tinder (like dryer lint) into the cuts, add some small kindling to the top and light it. As the fire burns continue to add slightly larger pieces of kindling until the fire is fully burning and it will burn for hours! You can also use this type of fire to cook on, since the top of the log provides a flat surface for cookware.

Newspapers are still useful

Although newspapers aren’t necessary to start a fire, keep some on hand anyway. You might need to use them occasionally, but thanks to the tricks in this article, you won’t need to hoard them anymore.

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Sunday, June 23, 2019

What Does the Long-Term Future Hold for Property Investment?

For years property investment in the UK has been a case study in the truth of the old saying “safe as houses.”

Recently, however, a flurry of fiscal and regulatory changes has caused some property investors to leave the market (or to alter their portfolios substantially), while those who have remained could be forgiven for feeling that they are trying to steer a steady course through brutal headwinds.

Many investors are likely to be asking themselves if there really is a viable, long-term future for property investment. Overall it seems likely that there is and here are some thoughts as to what it will bring.

The North will continue to be the place to be for the immediate future

Even setting aside the potential for Brexit to disrupt the London economy, the fact still remains that property prices in London are, on average, still the highest in the country, which makes it very difficult to achieve good yields.

Those interested in the capital may wish to take advantage of the current slowdown as a buying opportunity and, in particular, may wish to pay attention to the few areas of London which are still relatively affordable and still offer room for growth.

In general, however, it seems more likely that the majority of investors will continue to head northwards to benefit from more attractive prices and better yields. Not only will Manchester continue to thrive, but other cities in the Midlands and North will start to win more attention from investors.

The Right to Rent scheme will be reworked (or revoked)

At the current time (June 2019) the government is appealing a recent High Court ruling that its controversial “Right to Rent” scheme is causing discrimination and breaches of human rights laws.

It appears to be the government’s intent to argue that the scheme itself is not discriminatory and that the problems which have been identified are the result of the scheme being misapplied.

Even if the government wins its appeal (which is by no means guaranteed), it could be open to a further legal challenge, this time by landlords (or, possibly more likely, by an organization representing them).

This challenge could be based on the fact that the legislation, as currently stands, is in breach of landlords’ human rights as the severity of the penalties far exceeds anything which could be considered reasonable.

Such action might even challenge whether it is at all reasonable to demand that private landlords act as unpaid and untrained immigration agents.

The government has to be aware of this and it is entirely possible that a change of Prime Minister will provide an opportunity for the government to change direction and make the rules somewhat more tolerable (even if abolishing them completely is a step too far at this point).

This would spare the government the embarrassment of continuing with an expensive legal fight to protect legislation which has been widely criticized from the moment it was proposed.

The private rental sector will be increasingly run by companies rather than individuals

The regulatory burden on landlords has already reached a point where smaller-scale landlords are becoming increasingly unwilling to continue on their own.

Some have already given up residential property investment while others have reduced the size of their portfolios.

In most cases, however, it is likely that these smaller-scale investors acted with some degree of regret as the fact still remains that there is a massive undersupply of housing in the UK and a particular need for high-quality rental housing.

This means that unless the government steps in and supports the building of massive numbers of high-quality, local-authority-owned housing (which seems in the highest degree unlikely), the private-rental sector not only has a viable long-term future, but has the potential to offer very good returns to those who remain active in it.

For this reason, larger-scale landlords will move in to fill the vacuum left by their smaller-scale counterparts and larger-scale landlords are more likely to operate as limited companies rather than as private individuals.

This may, however, (and possibly somewhat ironically), offer a route back into residential property investment for smaller-scale investors as they may have the opportunity to invest in this market through buying shares in these companies.

Lettings agents will adapt and thrive

Good lettings agents perform a valuable service for landlords which goes well beyond protecting them from penalties under the infamous “Right to Rent” scheme.

Many landlords are very well aware of this and hence will continue to employ them regardless of the fact that lettings agents now have to bill landlords rather than charging their fees directly to tenants.

The only real question is whether or not landlords will absorb this extra cost or whether they will increase rents. Lettings agents may struggle if there is a significant reduction in the overall size of the buy-to-let market.

However, this should not be too much of a danger for the simple reason that the government simply cannot allow the private rental sector to evaporate, although it may be quite happy to allow it to consolidate, at least to some extent.

There will be a concerted push to reduce the short-term rentals market in urban areas

The short-term lettings market can be a useful source of income in the UK’s rural areas, but it is becoming increasingly controversial in densely-populated areas.

Leaving aside the, far from insignificant, fact that short-term lets reduce the number of properties available for those seeking long-term residential accommodation, there are also concerns about the impact of introducing tourism to residential areas.

Basically, people who have to live with each other day in and day out typically have a vested interest in maintaining good neighborhood relations.

Whereas people who are visiting a place on a short-term basis are not necessarily going to be so concerned about whether or not their behavior is inconveniencing those around them.

While “horror guests” may be a minority of those who use short-term lettings, they are still a reality and they do generate justifiable bad press for the rest of the sector.

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What is FieldTwin and why should you use it?

One of the main issues for lots of companies is that their data is not used adequately. Or in many cases you can’t even access all your data. And that means you lose lots of information that might be able to help your business grow and evolve. That’s especially true if you want proper offshore field planning, operation management or installation. FieldTwin might be able to help you with that.

What is FieldTwin?

The digital FieldTwin is a solution that helps you access and manage all your data wisely and with great results. The best thing is that you won’t have to worry about large file sizes or unknown formats. FieldTwin helps you handle all your data correctly and with great success all the time. That definitely pays off big time and the payoff will be second to none regardless of the situation.

What can FieldTwin do for you?

FieldTwin is known for being a great source of truth for all involved parties. It also offers real time equipment monitoring thanks to IoT sensor data. On top of that, it helps you track well flow rates, engineer tasks, vessel location, production values and a plethora of other important information. Moreover, you can use this to streamline your data stream via equipment data visual representations if you want.

In addition, FieldTwin is designed to connect historical and AI data to operations, installation, well planning and drilling. It also does a very good job when it comes to securing data via cloud security systems and in the end it can be great to reduce the operational timelines. Being able to access all these features in a single package is incredible and it will indeed pay off big time in ways you would not expect, that’s for sure.

How can FieldTwin benefit your company?

Normal digitalization options might not be as simple or as helpful as some would want them to be. That’s especially true since they tend to bring in large CAPEX expenditure. Robotic tools, smart sensors and IoT devices are definitely not cheap, not to mention you have to retrofit the current systems, train the employees and invest in new equipment too.

With FieldTwin you have a lot more efficiency and value. It brings you a smart and very reliable digitalization strategy. You will have professional data-driven solutions that will make data usable, accessible and the work process will get to benefit from that. And studies suggest that FieldTwin can lower the pre-FEED field planning time with around 60%, sometimes even more than that.

If you’re looking to access the best data-driven tool for gas and oil companies, then FieldTwin is the right option to suit your needs. It’s comprehensive, it helps you prevent massive financial investments while giving you access to all the data you need and so much more. You rarely get to find such a reliable and professional tool to suit your needs, all you have to do is to give it a try and you will be very happy with the results it can deliver!

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Creating The Eco-Conscious Catwalk: Environmental Issues Within the Fashion Industry

Diana Vreeland once lamented: “Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes”. From the fun-loving escapades of divas such as Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex in the City” to the fantastic French inspirations Christian Dior drew from, the world of fashion has captivated many for decades.

During the 1980’s, magazines such as “Glamour” and “Vogue” began to really get edgy and experimental, showing various types of newcomers on the scene that stole hearts worldwide with their alluring appearances and stellar choices of threads. here is no doubt at all that the business of fashion is a booming industry, and as many are beginning to become more conscious about environmental issues, more eyes have been intently on the business to see how it measures up in regards to the health of the planet.

According to Fashionunited, a platform dedicated to reporting statistics, the fashion industry is worth $3 trillion and still growing. It is also responsible for contributing two percent to the global GDP, a very large slice of the nationwide pie. With such a staggering global footprint, you can set foot in any local mall and quickly shop at your choice of “fast retailer”.

Whether it is fashion, video games, or even food, trends in today’s world move at a faster pace than ever before. This means that some of the brands we see advertised every day that are so popular change over their entire inventory at some stores as fast as every few weeks.

The clothing in question is not too pricey, but as with anything, there are always elements that are detrimental to society beyond the price marked on the rack. As an industry that incorporates workers in terrible conditions making as little as 14 cents an hour, the pop-up notoriety of “fast fashion” has created consequences along with its glitz and glamour. The industry as a while was forced to look dead-on into the consequences of poor working conditions when a factory complex in Bangladesh collapsed in 2013, leading to the death of more than a thousand garment-makers.

The fashion industry puts to use nearly 100 million tons of non-renewable resources annually, and the United Nations have recently made the claim that it is the second largest depleting factor for precious water on the planet. The fashion industry is also responsible for 20 percent of the world’s wastewater.

One fact that is hard to swallow for those of us who love our handbags and high heels like crazy: the fast fashion industry actually emits more greenhouse gases than international air travel and shipping traffic per year combined. Since the fashion industry has a very complex footprint, it is often backed by support from factory locations in nations that have very little regulation regarding pollutants.

There has lately been a trend of customers who are now starting to demand much more from the industry, and are requesting options from manufacturers big and small alike that are more sustainable. Blogs such as Terumah have noticed so many more of their readers expressing an interest in sustainable fashion options, but the questions always lie within one distinct area: how can the situation be improved when cheap labor is abundant in areas that don’t really do much to protect their workers’ well-being?

One retailer that originated from Canada excels at offering customers all over the glove more ethical and sustainable fashion: it was very important for them to be sure that the brand’s values paid homage to the environment as well as trying to work with more ethical producers of goods in the long run.

Very popular companies such as H&M are now beginning to take steps to offer programs that are active in recycling old clothing, and looking in the long run towards models that offer greater sustainability. From chemicals that are harmful to the process of sourcing clothing itself, there are now more retailers out there that are beginning to feel that this is their responsibility, and desperately wanting to make a change.

In cities such as Phoenix, Seattle, Austin, and Atlanta, the fashion industry has been booming. The usual counterparts of New York and Los Angeles have been as well, but tastes are changing rapidly, as are sectors of migration and real estate trends. Many successful individuals may need to sell a home quickly when they relocate to any of these cities to further sustain their interest in the fashion world.

You may have concerns regarding securing a cash offer on your present home before moving, arriving to your next destination on time, and making sure that you have a top-notch extended stay option waiting for you on the receiving end. Dorrmat is ready to assist you with a hassle-free closing, expert relocation services, and a promise to offer more than the “dusty hat” and older way of home sales provides!

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5 Ways to Use Custom Magnets to Impress Any Customer

Promotion marketing is a great way to get new customers and expand the reach of your brand. There are a number of different types of products that you can use. Pens, t-shirts and hats are some of the most common types of promotional products. However, magnets can be especially useful, even if they are not as commonly used.

There are a number of great benefits of using custom printed magnets for your marketing campaign. Here are some of the biggest reasons to consider using them.

 Get customers to use custom magnets on their own refrigerators

 Do you manage a B2C business?  One of the best ways to promote your brand is by getting your customers to showcase promotional products in their own homes. Their friends and family will see your branding materials and consider working with you as well.

Custom magnets with your company name and logo can be especially useful in this regard.  If your customers put the magnets on their refrigerators, their visitors will almost always notice them when they go over to visit. This means that they have much more visibility than branded pens and clothing items, which are rarely used or shared.

 Do you market heavily to companies in the restaurant industry? Try getting them to use custom magnets on their refrigerators as well.

Companies that work closely with restaurants can also benefit from custom magnets.  Restaurant companies often have suppliers and other third-party companies visit their premises. If you have shared custom magnets with them, then these other Magnets with them, then these other companies will see them every time they visit the premises and see the refrigerator.

Increase your brand visibility by selling custom magnets through various retail channels

 There are a lot of different retail channels that you can use to sell specialty products. You can work with local retailers that might be happy to distribute them for you. You can also use online retailers, such as Amazon.

 You might be able to recoup the cost of manufacturing your custom magnets by selling them instead of giving them away. Of course, the goal is not to generate a little bit of cash flow by selling your custom magnets. The real goal is to increase brand visibility. Merely listing your products online or putting them on the shelves of a local store will help expand the reach of your brand.

 Give them away at tradeshows and other events

 There are a number of industry events where companies are encouraged to share specialty products. You might want to consider giving away custom magnets at these events.

 Give away your magnets as a package with other custom products

  Some customers and might not be interested in your magnets by themselves. However, they might be more than happy to accept them as part of a larger product bundle.

 create a variety of products with your company brand. Pens, T-shirts and magnets can all go well together. If you give them away at the same time, people that would otherwise turn down your magnets will gladly except them. And they will be much more likely to put them on the refrigerators or show them off to their friends.

 Creating branded magnets can be a great way to reach new customers

 Sometimes seemingly simple strategies can go along way towards furthering your brand. Magnets with your company logo and name on them are a prime example. You should consider reaching out to a company that will help you manufacture them and try to reach more customers.

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

5 Key Characteristics Of Ansible Software

Ansible needs no introduction in the world of software development. It is an open source automation platform devised for automation as well as centralized management of configuration procedures.

Apart from task automation and configuration management, this easy-to-set-up yet powerful software can help you with application deployment as well.

It is available for free and runs on multiple platforms including Mac, Linux or BSD. Apart from the free offering, Ansible also has an enterprise product known as Ansible Tower.

Why Learn Ansible?

Being an incredibly simple IT automation platform, Ansible has the power to make your applications and systems much easier to deploy. Doing an Ansible course from a reputed institute can help you avoid custom codes or writing scripts to deploy and update your applications.

As an automation tool, Ansible helps in establishing and maintaining consistency of product performance as it records and updates comprehensive information describing the hardware and software of enterprise.

Ansible certification can also help you learn the following:

  • Write Ansible configuration playbooks to deploy a multi-tier web application.
  • Configure Ansible roles with files, tasks, templates, handlers, and default variables.
  • Writing operational playbooks to be able to check cluster status and perform a cluster restart.
  • How to optimize Ansible playbooks to reduce playbook execution time.
  • Introduction to YAML and how to build Ansible inventory files.
  • Basics of automating provisioning and web server deployment.

Top 5 Characteristics Of Ansible

Some of the key characteristics of Ansible include:

1. Compatible with Python

Unlike other competing solutions that are built with complex and redundant languages such as Ruby, Ansible is written in Python, one of the robust programming languages. Being compatible with Python makes it easier to run because of the fact that Python libraries are present on most Linux distributions by default.

Although Ansible modules for extending the tool’s functionality can be written in any programming language till the time it returns data in JSON format, being written in Python makes it more popular as Python is the most common language for administrators and system engineers.

2. No need of any agents

Ansible doesn’t use an agent on the remote host. It handles all the master/agent communications with either standard SSH or the Paramiko module (Python implementation of the SSH2) for managing nodes.

The fact that the tool doesn’t require any agents to be installed on remote systems to be managed translates to cost saving because of much less maintenance overhead and performance degradations.

3. Modules

Modules and plugins are other key characteristics of Ansible. These Modules are like small programs that Ansible sends from a control machine to all the nodes or remote hosts. Ansible executes all the modules for either installing updates and then removes them when the required task is finished. Ansible provides more than 400 such modules for common tasks.

The modules in Ansible are executed using playbooks and they control various things such as files, services, and package.

4. Powerful Ansible Playbooks

Ansible is well- known for its powerful Playbooks which are nothing but the detailed instructions manual telling Ansible what to do when it is connected to any machine.

These Ansible Playbooks are written in YAML, which could be simply viewed as XML but are human readable.

When the Playbook is fired off, Ansible will install and configure the web server to make sure that your database server allows connections from the new server and ask to network monitoring solution for intimating in case of any system failures.

5. Robust, security and compliance

Ansible is a powerful software known not just for application deployment but for site-wide security policies as well. Be it firewall rules or locking down users, it can be easily implemented along with other automated processes.

Even if you configure the security details on the control machine and run the playbooks associated with it, all the remote hosts will automatically be updated with those details. It means that Ansible security does not require you to manually monitor each machine for security.

Get Ansible Certified Now

There is no doubt about the fact that Ansible is a must-have in your CV as a software professional.

The fact that almost every company nowadays is trying to automate all  processes to increase the overall productivity and efficiency of the application and resources, learning Ansible can be extremely beneficial.

If you have a good knowledge of an automation tool like Ansible with other skills such as writing playbooks to automate complex tasks, you will definitely be seen as an asset for your organization and do exceptionally well in your career.

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