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Saving Money on Car Repairs for Summer Road Trips

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Summer is here and America is opening back up again after months of stay-at-home lockdowns...what better time than now to plan a road trip with your family or close friends? If there’s one thing that can cure the cabin fever that’s surely been building up all spring, it is a fun-filled vacation out on the open road with your favorite companions, rockin’ tunes, and, of course, amazing travel snacks! Along the way, get ready to see the sights, log some adventures, and experience new things- after all, the destination is hardly as important as the journey itself when you’re on the road trip of a lifetime.


Before setting off on your road trip, however, it’s important to have your car checked out by a mechanic to ensure that all systems are go for a long journey. But what if your check-up uncovers some red flags that need to be addressed before hitting the road? One of the best ways a driver can save money on car repairs is to purchase a mechanical breakdown insurance policy from a reputable agency. By investing in Olive’s mechanical breakdown insurance, you can not only save your summer from becoming a bummer, but also save money on virtually all the repairs your car may need over its lifetime.

What Is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?

Half of you probably just said, “Wait, mechanical breakdown insurance- that’s a thing?” So let’s back up for a moment and explain exactly what it is and how it works.


Mechanical breakdown coverage is a special kind of supplemental insurance that you can purchase for your car. Unlike the auto insurance you are required by law to have as a driver, this type of coverage is purely optional, though it can be advantageous for you to take the option. (Please note, however, that mechanical breakdown insurance is not intended as a substitute for traditional auto insurance- you absolutely need to have that if you have a car!) Where traditional auto insurance policies only cover damage sustained to your vehicle due to a collision or theft, mechanical breakdown insurance covers the repair or replacement of parts due to typical wear and tear. In other words, mechanical breakdown coverage helps make costly, often unexpected repairs much more affordable for car owners.

Most used car buyers search for “extended auto warranties”. But extended auto warranties are actually either Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (in California) or a Vehicle Service contract (in the rest of the USA). If you are in California, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is an excellent option for saving money on car repairs for summer road trips.


Mechanical breakdown coverage also often gets confused with extended manufacturer’s warranties, which can be purchased through your dealership at the time you purchase your vehicle. While having one of these manufacturer’s warranties in place can be advantageous for vehicle owners, extended warranties offered through auto dealerships often require a lump-sum payment upfront at the time of purchase, while mechanical breakdown coverage is split into affordable monthly premium payments.

When is Mechanical Breakdown Coverage Worth It?

Let’s say you are the owner of a vehicle that is six years old and has over 100,000 miles on it. If that vehicle’s transmission breaks down and needs to be replaced, you’re looking at an average of $2,500 out of pocket to fix it before you can drive your car again. Even with a manufacturer’s warranty, with a high-mileage vehicle, you may find yourself out of luck! However, if you purchased mechanical breakdown coverage from a reputable company and are up to date on your monthly premium payments, all you’ll need to come up with is the deductible, and they’ll cover the rest. This could mean a savings of hundreds-maybe thousands- of dollars, all because you were smart and thought ahead about the future of your car. 


Here’s another scenario: you’ve had your car since you were old enough to drive- and it was old when you bought it! Your car needs a major part repair or replacement almost once a month on average, but it’s your baby and you love it. With mechanical breakdown insurance, you’re looking at a lot less pain with each repair bill your mechanic presents to you, and you’re still able to keep your car running at its peak, whatever that may be, without having to break the bank every time it needs something else. 

Mechanical breakdown coverage can even come in handy when your car is brand-new! Let’s say you have an auto mechanic whom you’ve trusted for years to provide effective, affordable repairs on your vehicles. Since most extended warranties only cover service and repair performed by the dealership, you would have to take it there to get fixed, rather than visit your preferred auto technician. With mechanical breakdown insurance, however, you can take your vehicle to any automotive repair center you choose. The freedom and convenience afforded to you by mechanical breakdown coverage may make it extremely worthwhile for you to look into!


Before packing your bags and loading up the cooler with unhealthy but oh-so-delicious road trip snacks, make it a point to check out Olive’s mechanical breakdown insurance. We’re here to help you keep your car in tip-top shape for years to come, without breaking the bank on both anticipated and unexpected repairs. Check us out today!

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