Rely on a Car for Your Career? Keep These 8 Things in Mind

Written by
Rebecca Smith

May 15, 2020

May 15, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

Most people use their car to get to and from their job, but if you can’t do your job without yours, you will rely on it even more. Your car might be essential to your career if you are a driving instructor, a salesperson, a home caregiver, a delivery driver, or even a mobile hairdresser or beautician. There are definitely plenty of jobs to choose from where a car is absolutely necessary for your work. If you’re buying a used car and you know that you wouldn’t be able to do your career without it, it might be worth looking at any additional extras that are available. When it comes to insurance, warranties, and breakdown cover, you’ll want to have the best available, so you’ve got peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you’ll still be able to carry on as normal with your job. 

An Extended Warranty

If you are purchasing a used car from a dealership, you will usually have a range of warranties to choose from. An extended warranty is also known as a service agreement or maintenance agreement and you will typically have the option of either paying it upfront or adding the cost on to the monthly finance payments for your car. This warranty plan is definitely worth paying extra for if you rely on your car for your career and do not have a large amount of cash stashed away to pay for unexpected repairs. If your car breaks down while you are still under warranty, you will be covered. 

Collision Insurance

Depending on the state where you reside and work, you may be required to take out collision insurance, rather than just liability insurance on your car. But even if it is not a legal requirement, it’s worth paying the extra to ensure that you are fully covered in the event of a road accident. If you don’t have collision insurance and you rely on your car for work, you might be out of a vehicle and struggling to make money to repair or replace it if you are involved in even a minor fender bender. Collision insurance will cover the cost of either repairing or replacing your vehicle if you’re involved in a crash. 

Business Insurance

If your car is your livelihood, you might need to get additional insurance to ensure that you are covered for using it to work. This is especially true for jobs like delivery drivers or taxi drivers where the car doesn’t just get you to and from work but is absolutely essential to do the job itself. Having the right insurance cover is paramount as if you are involved in an accident on the job and don’t have adequate cover, you could easily see yourself losing everything. 

Gap Insurance

Buying a used car means that the value will depreciate slower compared to a brand new one, but even still, after a few months or years, the value of your vehicle is going to be worth less than you paid for it. Paying extra for gap insurance is a great idea since this will ensure that if you are involved in a crash after your car has dropped in value, you will still be able to get the full amount that you paid for it back rather than the reduced amount that the car is worth right now. This makes it easier for you to get a car that is similar in value, rather than having to downgrade. 

Extended Roadside Assistance Cover

Having a good roadside assistance cover plan in place is essential if you use your car for work; especially if you drive far and wide while working. You will need to select a company that is nationwide so that if your job takes you across state lines, you’ll still be eligible for recovery if anything goes wrong. Some breakdown companies will also offer additional perks, like the option to hire a car to replace yours if it cannot be repaired straight away, while others will cover the cost of your ongoing travel by another means. Opt for a plan that will provide you with a hire car that you are able to use for work if yours is on the road. 

International Insurance

This might not apply to everybody, but if your work often takes you across the border and into another country, you might need to get the insurance that permits you to drive abroad and still be covered. This can sometimes be available as an add-on to your regular vehicle insurance policy, or you may be able to take out a separate, short-term policy each time you need to drive in another country. 

Regular Car Maintenance

Keeping your car well-maintained and in good condition is absolutely essential for anybody who relies on their vehicle for their career. A well-maintained car is less likely to break down and will be more reliable; which is absolutely necessary when you need it to start up and take you to your job or your clients every day. Some auto repair shops offer membership schemes where you can get a discount on essential maintenance like oil changes, filter cleans, tire inflation, and other minor repairs; it’s well worth signing up so that you have peace of mind knowing that your car is being kept in the best condition. 

Consider Leasing

Finally, if you need to make a good impression with your car - for example, if you’re a salesperson on the road and want to wow your clients as soon as you turn up - then it might be worth considering leasing a car that you would otherwise not be able to buy outright. And, car leasing deals often allow you to swap the car out for a newer, nicer model at the end of the lease term, which works out cheaper than purchasing a new car or getting a new car on finance every few years. You can lease either used or brand-new cars. 

When you rely on your car for work, it’s important to make sure that you have as much cover as possible in the event of something going wrong, and that your car is kept in the best condition possible.