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Meet Greetly, the award-winning visitor management system!

In the old days, visitor management meant a dedicated receptionist, but that wasn't a great use of a valuable human resource. More recently organizations moved to bulky app and hardware combinations. This visitor registration software was expensive to purchase and maintain.

Greetly is the modern office solution! Our award-winning visitor check-in app works on iPad and Android tablets, technology your visitors know and understand. The visitor experience is great.

The biometric security system is gaining huge popularity among people today. It is not only because it is technologically advanced but it achieves greater efficiency while being implemented in multiple facilities. The biometric visitor management system is based on facial recognition technology. It's a technology that captures people's facial patterns instead of relying on fingerprints. Then keep the designs electronically for future reference. The surprising factor is that the face recognition system uses these electronically stored patterns for comparison and authentication. The world has moved a lot! There is so much to know in today's world!

We do many things in everyday life that we do not have sufficient explanations for. Few of the situations remain silent to know the cause and get just below reality. But when it comes to your safety, no one wants to take a risk and always wants to respond. While transferring your premise with the biometric attendance solution, access control solution, or the most inevitable visitor management solution, you want your security to be the best. Is it not?

Visitor Management System Advice:

A unique solution compatible with face recognition technology is the solution of visitors. A system developed with completely innovative technology to work in various facilities without interruption. Is technology not something you were looking for? Yes, this is all you can imagine for the best security of your premise. There are some tips as you plan to install the visitor management solution, which can be included as follows:

• Don't try to play:

The first and most important tip is that you do not try to touch the face recognition system. The new technologically advanced system is based on face recognition technology. It works by capturing facial details and not recognizing fingerprints. The device is based on 'no human contact' technology, which means that it does not require any human contact, so when installing the device it is not necessary to touch it for authentication.

• The data is secure, don't panic!

It's not the same as writing on a piece of paper. If the paper is lost, the data cannot be found. The technologically advanced visitor management solution supports electronic data storage, which means that captured data is permanently stored in the computer database. Each time the data is needed, it is retrieved from the computer and used.

• The cost factor can be avoided!

If your biggest concern is the monetary factor, you can definitely relax. The biometric visitor management system is a technological blessing that does not require much. It is very affordable and also requires a minimum installation fee. If you are considering maintenance issues, the security words may be that if the changes are consistent, maintenance costs will be negligible.

These are the tips that clear up the growing doubts in your mind that may overflow as you plan the visitor management system installation. So now you have to enjoy your life to be safe.

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Visitor Management System

We have identified 7 components that are common new requirements when it comes to a business management system. These are components outside the core economic and operational applications.


While Business Intelligence (or BI) is a relatively vague term, it is primarily based on concise and easy to interpret reports and analysis. Dedicated applications can have a built-in written report, while business intelligence can extract data from multiple sources to provide a more strategic and accurate overview.

An old adage "how can you achieve what you don't measure?" stresses the importance of important performance indicators.

Key performance indicators or KPIs are a measure of operational performance within a company. KPIs can be micro, as in the follow-up of a relationship between the number of store visitors and the number of transactions per day. Store, or they may be through a device, such as the average debtor's day. KPIs can be applied to most business segments and are compared or viewed ideally compared to other results.


Software integrations refer to the integration or integration of business management software to the industry's specific requirements and solutions. Generally, an ERP or accounting system can control the standard entry / exit of goods and the level of transaction, but they do not meet the most important requirements of specific industries, which is why many companies also execute a specific solution separate from your business management system.

An example of this could be a plate cutter using an industry-specific tool to embed cutting jobs, and an integration would be to prepare the offer in the business management system, send the cuttings to the rescue application and then the cut is made to return the materials used and the details cut to the central inventory control and accounting system.

3) Workflow

The workflow can be defined as a series of processes and procedures to accomplish a particular task or function. In relation to business management systems, it breaks down tasks based on roles and results in sequence, including the requirements of each step.

Here's an example of a sales-based workflow ...

1-lead rating

Identification of 2 options

3 agreement

4 demonstration / proof of concept

5-Formal Proposal


7-Delivery of products / services



10 support and maintenance

Workflow systems must be able to restrict access to the following steps if the user has not completed the required previous steps.

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Then again, the main concern is security, isn't it? Does it still depend on the pencil and paper method to mark the time of entry and exit for visitors coming in and leaving the premise? The world is evolving too fast, especially in technology. It does not matter if you are in the organizational sector or in your home. When it comes to security, pay close attention to yourself and be very particular when choosing security devices.

It is not just about security, but if it is in the organizational sector it will somehow be very important to create the first impression. Since the general fact is that the first impression is the last impression, it is important to create the first impression in front of your customers. The electronic visitor management system looks absolutely elegant on the premises, not only gives a fascinating impression of the campus, but also offers perfect security.

What about the technology?

In addition to its appearance and characteristics, the most important thing is the technology on which it is based. The visitor management system is mainly based on facial recognition technology. The facial identification system works by capturing the facial details of the persons in the facilities. Facial details are stored in the computer database. When the person recaptures the premise, the face identification system captures facial details again and then performs a matching process using the matching algorithm between the oldest and newest captured patterns.

When the visitor management system finds the match, it gives approval; otherwise he denies it. Depending on this process, security at the facilities is maintained. With the visitor management system, even people with the lowest priority can be established so that they can be strictly prohibited in a specific area.

5 benefits of visitor management while at your facility:

While configuring the visitor management system on your premise, you indirectly invite many benefits to you. Do you have any ideas? If not, it's not too late to know five main benefits. They are as follows:

* Easy installation:

Do you know that while installing the face identification system, you do not even need additional hardware and software? It's just the visitor management system and the computer, and that's it. It also serves people with smaller wiring details so it can be easily controlled.

* 'Buddy Punching' is not possible:

The visitor management system is based on facial recognition technology. This means it captures facial patterns for authentication purposes. This system does not allow drilling the sensor more or less, which helps get rid of the threat of drilling friends.

* Electronic database:

Oh! It is now easy to protect the data. Since the visitor management system maintains the electronic database. This facilitates secure storage of a large amount of data. Each time the system accesses or stores the data, it directly affects the computer database.

* Save productive time:

When using the face identification system, you do not have to worry about time. The visitor management system is an extremely fast device. Identifying faces takes less than 10 seconds. Therefore, it saves individual precious time, which can contribute to the productive work of the organization.

* Better security:

The visitor management system is accompanied by an alarm installation. The alarm is set according to the priority classification of people. The alarm sounds to alert everyone in the arena when a person of lower priority visits the premise.

Visitor Management Kiosk

Below are a number of benefits of choosing an effective web server.

Easy administration: When choosing a managed dedicated server, you do not have to worry about tasks such as configuration, deployment, maintenance, security monitoring, and software updates. The hosting company handles all associated maintenance tasks. They will ensure that your server maintains high availability and maximum performance that allows you to concentrate on other important business tasks.

Lower Costs: Although these servers cost less than unmanaged servers, you eventually save money because you do not have to buy additional hardware, software and IT staff to manage the server. It also saves technical support because the host provides support 24/7/365. Any problem that arises will have the highest priority.

Effective security When you use a dedicated server, you get complete and effective security to protect the server from hacking of servers, viruses, Trojans, malware and worms. The latest security software solutions are installed on the server and there will be continuous server updates. Your server, websites, data and applications are in the hands of the provider.

Hardware and software monitoring; The host provider's professional staff will ensure that all your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently. They will identify and correct any error quickly and efficiently. They ensure that your site remains operational and that visitors always have access to the site.

High performance; With solid customer service, server management, hardware and software optimization, the entire system stays at maximum performance levels and the application runs seamlessly and efficiently. The operating system runs at high performance, ensuring that your site is always accessible. Reliability and stability is a key feature of the dedicated managed server.

With a dedicated managed server, you not only have excellent server maintenance and monitoring, but you also want strong customer service from the hosting provider. They are available 24/7/365 to solve any problem or concern. A dedicated managed server is a good financial investment for a business that requires a company to manage its server effectively.

Today, the dedicated managed server is the need of most online marketers. Hosting service providers offer a variety of packages. Each of these services has its own benefit, but a dedicated managed server shows its impact with its range of benefits. Here is a summary of the various benefits that also demonstrate the effectiveness of a managed hosting service.

Management Management: Forget daily maintenance, periodic software updates, verifications, and security issues with dedicated managed servers. Each of these details is managed by the technical support team of the service provider company. Therefore, you can be completely carefree about your server and its problems. This is the basic advantage of a managed server.

Cost Value: Cost is one of the major concerns affecting an online seller's decisions. A dedicated managed server can cost you between $ 20 and $ 100 more than regular costs, but it also frees you from the worries of managing your server and its technical issues. This time saved can be used for other serious issues, such as updating your business online, advertising it, etc., that will help you win customers and businesses. In addition, the technical support team of your managed dedicated server provider has direct access to the hardware. This is a great help in classifying your technical issues in minutes. Considering the whole situation, it turns out that the dedicated managed server proves to be more cost effective than an unmanaged server.

User-friendly monitoring software and hardware: Monitoring your server is now simpler than before. A dedicated managed server is constantly monitored 24 * 7 by server service providers and their staff. They ensure the operation of the server and closely monitor any possible software or hardware failure. In addition, the technical staff stays aware of any errors that occur in the system and ensures that it is repaired immediately, without affecting your company's traffic online.

Enhanced security: Any managed dedicated server host package includes a complete test security monitoring system that checks software updates and new versions. The technical staff dealing with these problems are well aware of the possible faults and their solutions. Therefore, they ensure that their sites are safe from threats and attacks.

Superior performance: On a dedicated managed server, because it pays more than normal servers, its sites receive a number of additional benefits. Free bonuses, hardware and software optimization, application optimization, 24 * 7 technical support and more. These services help your site stay functional and enjoy all the benefits of hardware and software, increasing the performance of your site.

Reliability and stability: you can enjoy a dedicated team of technicians and administrators looking at external servers vertically until at least.

Customer Service: Currently, a number of hosting companies offer customer service packages to their customers to their visitors at no extra cost. This provides support and also guarantees customers about their services at all times.