Tips to Road Trip and Keep a Good Workout

Tips to Road Trip and Keep a Good Workout


When planning a road trip, many people get so carried away that they forget to plan a good work out regime. Workouts, before you travel, should include walking and jogging as well as some stretching. These are not only good for your body but also help you relax when on the road. 

Before heading out on the road remember to do your stretches and exercise since you will be in the same position in the car for long periods of time.

How do you determine which exercises work best for you will determine your comfort level and how you normally keep active. When selecting a car rental, maybe keep in mind which cars will give you the best legroom or which car has the best sunshade while travelling.

While researching your rental for the best car you may find yourself wondering are Nissan Altimas good cars? Are Toyotas better? Should I rent a BMW? The best way to find out your answer is to thoroughly do your research. 

To keep your muscles in optimum shape, do your leg exercises before you leave. It is a good idea to stretch your hamstrings and calves before you get on the bike or go for a walk. You need to be able to use your legs in a range of motion in order to get the best benefits. Stretching will also help your joints to remain flexible. 

The next tip to road trip and keep a good workout is to do some leg curls before you ride your bike. For optimum results, you should do around ten to twelve repetitions of leg curls. These should be done on each leg. Make sure you keep your knees straight and bend at the same time. Hold this position for two seconds before going back to your original position. 

Another good exercise is to lay flat on the floor with both your feet on the floor. Lift your rear up off the floor as much as you can. This will work your abdominal muscles. It will also work your glutes. This is obviously impossible to do in the car, so find time to do it on a rest stop break or if you stop into a hotel. 

If you cannot afford to buy some expensive equipment, you could try doing leg curls on the floor. Get yourself a good pair of dumbbells and join a gym where you can get some professional training.

Before you join, ask for a discount or make sure you are not paying the full fee for joining as they are not professionals and will not give you a good work out. This is a great idea before you start any exercise. 

After you have joined a gym, ask for a training room and try to sign up for group training. A group is made up of a leader who all the other members pay to follow. They will have to work together to keep from falling behind.

They can get a workout at the same time. You can now start your own little team, but only with the weight, you bring with you. 

Another thing you should always do before any road trip is to stretch your legs before you go. This can be done by walking around the house or on the treadmill or stationary bike. Stretching is a key part of keeping your body limber and healthy. When your body is limber you are less prone to stress fractures which happen on the road when you are tired. Follow these simple tips to keep the fun going while you take a road trip. 

Staying hydrated is a key component of road trips. Water keeps you from dehydrating, which can cause a lot of problems. Always carry two bottles of water, one bottle when you know you will need it and one empty bottle.

When you stop to eat, fill your car with gas before you run out. That way you do not have to worry about running out of gas while you are on the road. Staying hydrated is one of the best tips for a road trip and keep a good workout.

Next, do not take heavy equipment with you. You need to focus on light things to carry on your people like a blanket and a change of clothes. A lot of people think they need to carry all their extra clothing while on a road trip, but that is not true. You can cut your weight in half just by bringing fewer items with you.

This is also a great tip to keep a good work out. You do not want to be adding weight to your body that is carrying you around all day long, especially if it is hot and humid out. 

Lastly, do not bring any heavy objects on your road trip. If you are going to do some heavy hiking or running on rough terrain, then plan on bringing along some rope or other similar item that you can hang onto. If you are on a road trip and there is no rope or similar item available then leave it behind.

You are better off not taking anything with you than having to spend more time trying to figure out how to tie something on yourself. Taking nothing with you will help you keep your weight down and give you the energy to work out at the beginning of your trip.

Exercising or keeping physically active on the road is very important, it is just as important as picking out a reliable vehicle for your travels or for a road trip. 

All these tips are great to have to keep your workout going. Just because you are about to be on the road does not mean you should sacrifice staying active and healthy.