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Press Release

Encore Data Products Now Offers Camera Auto Tracking Robots

Encore Data Products, a company based in Lafayette, Colorado, has announced that they are now offering the Jigabot camera auto-tracking robots, a system that follows a particular person as that person records videos, streams videos, or take part in videoZoom calls. The Jigabot is perfect for those who require a camera operator but need to practice social distancing or have budget limitations. This auto-tracking camera robot can work with any camera that weighs up to 10 pounds, any laptop/phone/tablet - and it can also work with any streaming service.

“The Jigabot auto-tracking camera robot allows people to use their existing equipment more effectively,” added Sabrina Manno, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Encore Data Products. “It allows them to get the best tracking without having to give up on their best camera, or smartphone, or laptop. Using responsive, smooth, and strong motors, it helps the camera perform an auto-follow. And it is capable of functioning properly even if the camera is mirrorless, a camcorder, or a cinema camera that is tethered with cables.”

Jigabot auto-tracking camera robots

It’s easy to track a moving subject with the Jigabot. First, a camera is attached to the Jigabot EX unit. Second, Jigabot Dots are attached to the subject. And third, the user turns on the power, and the Jigabot EX automatically follows the Dots and aims the camera at the subject. Thus, it enables the user to record a video of a moving subject without using the hands.

One Jigabot bundle option contains one Dot driver EXL kit, Dot Driver with 4.5 hour battery life, four dots, USB adapter and cable for charging, AC/DC power adapter for operating the Jigabot EX, one laptop mount, one top mount, and one desktop tripod.

“There are many ways in which people can use the Jigabot. These include: indoor sporting events; video blogging and self-broadcasting; teaching; training, coaching; presenting; live streams and events; worship services; parties; dance recitals; weddings; selfie videos; practices, rehearsals, and run-throughs; film and video shoots; and equine and K-9 competitions & trainings,” added Manno.

About Encore Data Products

Encore Data Products is a privately held company that supplies high-quality audio-visual equipment and technology accessories to the health and fitness, hospitality, education, business and government industries. They have an ever-expanding variety of products from leading brands and they offer competitive pricing, free shipping, and easy ordering. Their products can be categorized as bulk headphones/ earbuds, call center headsets, carts/ furniture, accessories, and AV equipment.


For more information about Encore Data Products, contact the company here:

Encore Data Products
Jeff Burgess
[email protected]
1729 Majestic Drive, Suite 2
Lafayette, Colorado 80026