The Making of A Princess

For the aspiring bride who wants to look like a Beautiful Kandyan Princess. Salon Indumala can work their magic on your special day with their years of experience and expertise to create a lifetime of wedding day memories.

Bridal Salon

At Salon Indumala every bride is treated to the best bridal services available in Kandy. Our services begin with a private consultation with Manju and Indu to discuss the design of your bridal saree, make-up and jewellery. Searching for that perfect Kandyan Bridal Salon isn’t always easy but Salon Indumala located in Kandy offers a wide selection of bridal services for the young ladies dreaming of being a Kandyan Bride on her wedding day.

Our bridal salon in Kandy carries an exclusive range of cosmetics specially selected to enhance the beauty of a young lady dressed as a Kandyan bride. Salon Indumala is the leading bridal salon in Kandy that has won may awards in the fields of Bridal Saree Designing and Workings and High Class Bridal Makeup Artistry.

Bridal Saree

The Resident Bridal Saree Designer, Sewist and co-founder of Salon Indumala – Manju is a master artist in Kandyan Saree Designs and workings. His craftsmanship can create bespoke Kandyan Wedding Sarees fit for a true Kandyan Princess.

Beauty Salon

Salon Indumala – beauty salon in kandy is located in the heart of Kandy city and has highly qualified and trained professional beauticians to cater to all your beauty needs. The Beauty Salon is headed by Indu who is an award winning Beautician in Kandy.

Manjula Harasgama


Manjula and Salon Indumala has become one of the most prestigious names in the Kandyan Bridal Dressing Industry. Manjula has set out to create a kandyan wedding sari experience that every bride dreams about. From high quality fabrics and incredible fits to hand sewn details, Manju’s sarees give each bride an elegant and royal persona. Deciding on a wedding saree is made simpler when consulting Manju for your wedding with his years of experience in designing Kandyan Wedding Sarees.

Indumala Rajapaksha


Indumala has helped hundreds of brides to look like princesses on their wedding day and has created a style that makes any young lady look gorgeous. Every woman deserves to be styled to perfection on occasions that are special to them: be it a wedding, birthday, celebrity event or awards ceremony. Indu shares the vision and passion for making women look good, feel beautiful and above all true to themselves. She believes that make-up should not be a disguise but a way of enhancing your inner beauty.


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