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Citizenship Identification Documents In Canada.

Citizenship Identification Documents In Canada. There are various documents that shows citizenship identification in Canada. They are.,

The national identification document in Canada helps to prove or identify whom an individual is. The individual has to provide at least 2 documents to prove their identity. These documents must show the applicants name, his date of birth and his photograph.

Children will provide an explanation letter as they cannot provide  two identity documents that has their photographs. Discretion is used for preschool children.

Those residing outside the country may not be able to provide the country’s identity document so they have to provide identity documents equivalent to that of the country example a passport.

Documents Accepted For Identification

Below are some of the documents that are used to establish identity

  • age of majority card;
  • Certificate of Indian Status card;
  • driver’s license;
  • passport;
  • health insurance identification card;
  • senior citizen’s card;
  • travel document.

Documents Not accepted For identification

Below are some of the documents that are not accepted fr identification. they include.,

  • Retention certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Birth registration certificate abroad
  • Naturalization Certificate

National Identity Number

This is the social security number issued to citizens so as to identify them for security reasons and to be able to use it to track them for tax purposes.

National Identity Card

A national Identity card is that document issued as a means of identification for Canadian citizens. This card could be issued by the government or the provincial government.

Purposes Of A National Identity card

  • For immigration and border control
  • For dealing with government agencies and private entities
  • To authenticate an individuals entitlement to government services
  • For identification and age verification

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