Suboxone Clinic Nashville, TN

Opioid addiction is a life-changing struggle. As with any serious addiction, it can impact your ability to connect with those around you, support a family, or live the life you deserve. Suboxone treatment is one way to overcome opioid addiction and regain your life. If you or a loved one suffers from opioid addiction and are looking for a suboxone clinic near me in Nashville, TN, or surrounding areas, then Nashville Addiction Clinic is a Suboxone clinic you can trust.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a prescription medication that aids in opioid addiction recovery. Its active ingredient is buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist. This helps diminish withdrawal symptoms and eliminate cravings, along with many other benefits. By utilizing Suboxone therapy, patients can generate momentum for long term sobriety.

If you choose to undergo Suboxone treatment, careful adherence to your doctor’s orders is crucial. Nevertheless, Suboxone treatment can be an excellent way to reduce your reliance on opioids and regain the life you have lost.

How Can I Start wiht a Nashville Suboxone clinic?

Our goal, as a Nashville addiction clinic, is to create a judgement-free environment where anyone can come and receive help. Our team of board certified preventative medicine and addiction specialists, medical doctors, and support staff, stand ready to help you on your journey to recovery. You shouldn’t have to take the first step alone, and you should have access to the best medical care available.

We offer special programs for first-time patients that can help you afford the treatment you need. If you’re ready to start your journey towards an addiction-free life, call Nashville Addiction Clinic, a Nashville Suboxone clinic, today at 615-927-7802.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is medically assisted detox?

Medically assisted detox describes the process of a helping a patient transition off of a particular drug or substance. In many cases doctors will use a medication specifically designed to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and address cravings.

Will outpatient treatment work for me, and is it available near me?

Every patients journey is unique. Outpatient treatment at our Nashville Suboxone clinic is designed for patients who are absolutely ready to change their life, and put into place parameters of accountability. Unlike inpatient treatment, you will still be tackling your everyday life. We will provide you with support, guidance, therapy, doctors visits, and a clinical plan of action. With that said, you will still have to be the one who utilizes these tools. If you are ready, we are ready to help you achieve success.

Do you treat patients who are pregnant or nursing?

Yes we do. In fact our Medical Director is not just board certified in preventative medicine for the treatment of addiction. He is also a board certified OBGYN. Any of the doctors at Nashville Addiction Clinic will gladly work coordinate with your treating OBGYN to assure you get the very best care. Pregnant or nursing patients will be in the best of hands and most capable hands.

What is Suboxone, Zubsolv, Bunavail, and Subutex?

These are all medications used for the treatment of opioid withdrawals and cravings. They are in many cases prescribed by a physician to help a patient transition from opioids like heroin, oxycodone, or hydrocodone, without experiencing debilitating withdrawal symptoms. Another benefit of these medications is that they help to eliminate cravings. For patients tackling opioid addiction; cravings can a burden that causes the cycle of relapse and recovery to happen over and over again.

Are you experiencing opiate withdrawals?