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  1. India is simply not testing enough to fight the virus. Making people clap & shining torches in the sky isn't going to solve the problem.

  2. A British National who was admitted with severe symptoms has been discharged. He was under treatment in Ernakulam Government Medical College. This story of survival is just one of the many from across the State. Congratulations to our health professionals.

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    Till now we have found cases related to Tableeghi Jamaat from 17 states, 1023 positive cases have been found to be linked to this event. Out of the total cases in the country, around 30% are linked to one particular place: Lav Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, Health Ministry

  4. 19 minutes ago

    Through a massive effort around 22,000 Tableeghi Jamaat workers and their contacts have been quarantined: Punya Salila Srivastava, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)

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  6. Just a small taste of what people said 1-2 months ago on TV.

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    Measures have been put in place to control the spread of Remember, in line with the restriction of movement order in FCT, Lagos & Ogun citizens are to & can leave home to *Provide or seek essential services

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  8. Age Profile of positive cases in the country: 9% cases : 0-20 Years 42% cases: 21-40 Years 33% cases :41-60 Years 17% cases : Above 60 Years

  9. 45 minutes ago

    MARAMING SALAMAT SA MGA JANITORS AT IBA PANG MGA SERVICE STAFF! It is in our deepest prayers and thoughts that those who are at the frontline of this pandemic, be safe, healthy and strong to continuously fight against this health crisis.

  10. Extremely thankful & touched by the gesture of these children of Samana who have contributed their piggy bank savings for Punjab CM Relief Fund. I am sure you all by our side, Punjab will win the War Against .

  11. 76 cases today, 3094 total. That's a low number, could be an outlier. I remain cautiously optimistic, and hopefully this trend continues. It sure looks like the ECQ is having an effect, but we need more data. I'll take it, but this ain't over yet.

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    [WATCH]: Minister of Health Lizzie Nkosi assures the nation of full transparency in dealing with . "We won't hide results from the nation."

  13. At least six people die every hour in Iran from , according to official figures. Why has the coronavirus hit Iran so hard? asks whether US sanctions are to blame for exacerbating the situation

  14. IMPORTANT: The Governor of Phang Nga has signed this order to close the provincial borders from 4 April onwards. No one is allowed to enter or leave. In addition, all hotels will be closed unless they already have guests

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    Alert: Be cautious of anyone selling products that claim to prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure . Learn more at . If you suspect a , report it at .

  16. Homeopaths worldwide, angry I wrote that homeopathy doesn't work for : "Do the research!" Me: "...already did?" *Gentle reminder that homeopathy is useless, & certainly shouldn't be used for an infectious disease this serious*

  17. 10 minutes ago

    Workers disinfect streets & other public surfaces in Tehran

  18. Nigeria and some other developing countries have shown remarkable capacity to respond to , says Secretary-General Thank you President Kudos Well done

  19. 24 minutes ago

    When the authorities are releasing prisoners from prison because of , then at the same time the student leader & Research scholar from Jamia Meeran Haider is first detained by the special and later on send to three days police custody.

  20. 1 hour ago

    I am inayat Sarparra member of Quettaonline I am fighter Please

  21. 12 minutes ago

    THIS IS EFFING CRAZY. TRY TO TAKE MY MASK. White people think blacks are all thieves. So they are aking only black people not to wear a mask in the store. via tyrone_brother 03

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