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  2. Mar 8

    : Pyarelal Wadali, one of the singers of legendary Sufi set Wadali Brothers, passes away in Amritsar after cardiac arrest.

  3. Mar 7

    Yesterday's episode of was the best one this season in my opinion, from the pacing, emotion and the background score was fantastic, shout outs to everyone part of it. Next week we see get that purple lighting :D

  4. Mar 6

    Which one do you think is faster? RT = Flash Like = Quicksliver

  5. Mar 6

    Gautam Gambhir has been appointed Captain of team. (file pic)

  6. Mar 6

    Watching the new tonight!!!

  7. Mar 9
    Replying to

    This episode confused me. if has the power to essentially freeze time, he could freeze time as soon as DeVoe showed up, then arrest him and the problem would be solved.

  8. Mar 4

    There will be no challenge today 🙅🏾‍♂️ 4.34!! you the last hope!! ⚡️

  9. Mar 8

    My bro my bro, that nigga my homie 🔙Friday....Happy G Day bro Love you my nigga 💯💯

  10. The Yard Sale Artis STRIKES! What was once a beat-up road sign languishing in a junk shop, is now a of the ! Thanks to & his family for lugging this sign around town in their Jeep for me!

  11. Mar 7

    Page 2! changes and meets with the on the streets of phila... I mean Metropolis!

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  12. Is it just me or does resemble the last season just before cancellation of “My Name is Earl”? Can somebody tell me WHY has been stuck in a prison cell for like EVER? (DISREGARD: no, I see - he’s free).

  13. 2 hours ago
  14. Mar 9
  15. Mar 2

    : The Coalition of Opposition consisting of Red Carders, PDP and the main Coalition have been thrown into great rejoicing as the people of Thailand have agreed to join them in voting out PMB in 2019.

  16. Mar 5
  17. 8 hours ago

    Been slowly chipping away at this project. Used the draw your own lightning and hand drew the masks for the lightning bolts. Still got some work to do 👍⚡⚡

  18. 7 hours ago

    Goddamit........Guess I will hold off watching Anime for a while.....

  19. Mar 6
  20. Mar 8

    Muslim League Chairman Masrat Alam Bhat was arrested since 2010 and he was released several times for 1 hr and after that release he was Rearrested again 25 PSA Act Loged against him by Indian government He Completes 8 years of Imprisonment and still under bars now in 2018

  21. 24 hours ago

    : 14 agreements signed between India and France.

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