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  2. May 3

    Congratulations Sridevians! Finally her name was announced as ' for Mom' @ the . We've waited so many yrs for this day. We know her soul is already smiling fm wherever it is. She's with us all the more in this tiny sunshine moment🤗

  3. May 3

    will receive the for The Best Actor (Female) on behalf of the late for her performance in the film .

  4. May 7

    These so- called semi literate are shameless. died about 74 days ago and their daughters are dancing in some mehndi. Shame.

  5. May 3

    looks just like as she accepts National Film Award on her behalf

  6. May 4

    This picture says everything about daughters! ❤️

  7. May 6

    What  happened to the Kapoors' plans  of a low-key  wedding as a mark of respect to the  much-missed ?  She seems to be   forgotten as the   drumbeats  kick in.

  8. May 6

    I wonder if Family really have any respect 4 she just passed away, barely two months n can't just wait 2 get married..secondly they were all seen happy n having family dinners. later, times hav changed even the biggest deaths in family r valued less

  9. May 8

    Even though it’s a time of happiness, hope the Kapoor family have spared a thought for - It’s only TEN weeks since she left us. 😢

  10. May 3
  11. May 9

    Those who are judging ’s daughters for being happy at their cousin’s wedding need to grow up. I mean what’s wrong with y’all they need to enjoy their lives. Who the hell are you to say that they ain’t missing their mum? Just grow up people! Stop spreading negativity!

  12. May 3

    Such a proud & heartwarming moment for all of us to watch these beautiful people accept an honor for the most incredible person there ever was!

  13. 7 hours ago

    Our judiciary has no value for countrymen. She had died in mysterious circumstances & her death should be probed. Not only her but any countryman dies in such circustances should be investigated. What's the problem to SC? It will be tribute to dead than trouble.

  14. May 7

    Happy for but as a big fan of our ICON it's sad that just after 10 weeks of her demise, The Kapoor family are ready to celebrate a marriage! You need so much time to overcome a death but where are the EMOTIONS in todays "modern" times??? DISRESPECTFULL...

  15. May 3

    She would have been very very happy, on his wife, late , being awarded (posthumously) the Best Actress National Award

  16. May 3

    wins first ever National Award for her brilliant acting in Mom

  17. 14 hours ago

    It's hardly been three months that passed away and it seemed like the entire Kapoor clan and Bollywood was mourning her demise. But SonamKapoor's Wedding videos and pictures speak otherwise. I had no idea that the unnatural death of a Mother is so easy to Forget...

  18. May 6

    Gorgeous Sridevi! Bollywood is surely going to miss the ultimate Bollywood fashionista.

  19. 2 hours ago
    Replying to

    In the USA, there are so many ways for the general public to re-open cases for re-investigation. Is there no such way in India even if the vast majority of the public get involved? How to start this movement in India? I will do what I can from USA. Seriously.

  20. May 3

    Congratulations🎊 I am very happy and emotional at the same moment. wins National Award for Mom... WOW!

  21. May 1

    Super painting of by Aditi Rastogi (Instagram)

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