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Title level: absolute shit

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Thank you for posting this. Oh how I haste titles like these

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You need to be level 103 to learn haste.

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Thank you Shadowfax, for showing us the meaning of haste.

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You need to be level 103 to learn taste.


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Level level: Level.

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OP could have literally used "shit" as title and it would be less shit than X level Y.

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Repost level 99

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the repost level... it's... OVER 9000!!!!!

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OP is a jabroni!

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Thanks for posting exactly what I thought while browsing.

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Fuck you op!

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What a horrible repost with a horrible title

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I bet it took you all day to come up with that title, now didn't it?

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It took him so long to come up with a title he had to resort to a repost

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Wasnt this posted like, this week..??

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Repost level 100.

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Fuck you OP!

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I call next to repost this!

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Have you claimed your skill cape yet?

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Only if he's a member.

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Emote pls

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Repost number 99!

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Repost level 99

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I don't know what is more lame, the shitty title or that this was reposted so fast the link was purple before getting clicked.

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Guy in the background is tired of the Rock's shenanigans.

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When this was posted in /r/pics last week I was trying to figure out why the Rock is wearing a skirt.

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    What the fuck are you talking about?

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    He is still wearing a "Just Bring It" shirt. Thats awesome.

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    If this is selfie level 99 then i wonder what selfie level 100 is?

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    This repost is so fresh the link was still purple from the last time it was posted.

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    It looks like the rock is wearing a skirt.

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    Repost level: infinite

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    Repost level: a milli

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    Does the rock walk around pretending to look scared at everything to make normal people feel better?

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    Repost level: one billion.

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    Gun move, by The Rock.

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    Heh, beats.

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    is that Jimmy Pop from Bloodhound Gang

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    I bet the guard would never have considered himself a small Dwayne Johnson.

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    Level level: Level

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    Title is shit but it doesn't matter its the peoples champ

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    Goddammit Jimmy stop trying to take selfies with The Rock and start rocking.

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    Whos the guy in the background, someone special i suppose?

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    Selfie level: Patton Oswalt

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    That is a gross banana.