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It's left handed.

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I feel like this is a trigonometry joke.. my trig teacher was too happy to tell us about his clock that had a positive rotation (counter clockwise = positive).

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But this one is clockwise.

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Is it tho?

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It is a clock and it is going in the direction that it is going. Therefore, it is going clockwise.

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You can just put in gears mirrored to make it go the other way.

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It is

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is it tho?

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But is it actually properly reversed?

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A doctor's office I visited had a clock like this that was properly reversed. Was pretty cool, albeit confusing in the beginning.

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Yes it is. It being in a classroom just makes it worse, confuses the hell out of you when you try to read when the break would start...

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Major distraction

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Should be on r/onejob