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    Consume the pants which belong to me.

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    Eat pant

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    eAT PANT

    No Cows, man


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    Eet m'borts!


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    Take it to the bank boys, this one's a Bart!

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    Great! Reminds me of Salad Fingers!

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    Jesus christ! I bet he likes to eat other people's shorts... or at least touch them :S

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    Way too far man.

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    Where’s his nettle carriage?

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    oh yes ! my "childhood innocence" was somewhat mitigated by Salad Fingers :) hip hip hurrah for long lost 'toons !

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    I too like rusty spoons

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    My favorite part is how it looks just like Bart!

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    Toe to tip! This is a Bart!

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    ApuLover69 says “Just like Bart!”

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    Matt Groening called, confirms: that's a Bart!

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    Whats up Seth Rogen!

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    I wahsh mahself with a raag on a stihk

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    This is my favorite :)

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      Toes to tip, this is a Bart!

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      Take it to the bank boys! This ones just like Bart!

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      Underrated. The apple is perfect.

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      Thanks! I'm still not sure if it wasn't an apple or something similar in the original photo...

      I've used onion for the other one but couldn't find one with chives growing out in a proper perspective so it is how it is.

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      Are the Chili Peppers still in it?

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      Why did I have to click this before bed...

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      Marjorie Stewart-Baxter.... Hubert Cumberdale... And Jeremy Fisher...

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      You just posted a picture of Donald Trump, I don't get it?

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      Get it?!

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      It's just a really well done photograph of our President, I don't understand.

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      Isn’t it obvious he photoshopped Melania’s frown upside down to make it look like she’s actually trying to smile.

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      She can’t smile, her face would shatter.

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      It was between him and Gary Busey.

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      literally dead.

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        I don’t know why OP would call it a knockoff. Looks just like Bart to me. From toe to tip, that’s a Bart!

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        But seriously, can I mention this looks JUST like Bart.

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        Disgraced Simpsons creator Matt Groening resigns, says "They are the Bartmen now."

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        ApuLover69 says "Just like Bart!"

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        Take it to the bank, boys. This one's just like Bart.

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        when the hell are we going to get more monster factory? I'm dying over here.

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        Sometimes I think the McElroy fanbase goes way, way too far overboard. But then I think about Monster Factory, and how amazing it can be.

        (Also can I say I find Travis unpleasant to listen to, please don't hurt me)

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        Yeah I feel you, but that's part of Travis's charm. His voice is much less irritating than Russ Frushstick though

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        YES. YES. IT IS TRUE.

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        Extra extra! Read all about it! I'm a hellman!

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        This is how I picture Bort looking.

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        It looks like Bart and Beavis had an illegitimate child together.

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        What do you mean, this looks just like Bart

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        Take it to the bank, boys. This ones just like Bart.

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        Does anyone else think it kinda’ looks like Jeff Goldblum?

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        I need to see a photoshop of this spliced with Total Recall

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        How come the hair and the teeth and the angular features are all so similar to Beavis?

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        Beavis and Bart-head.

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        That is exactly what I was thinking. They had leftover Beavis heads, and sewed on to some surplus Bart bodies. Or, they just have no clue who either of them are, and just made some crazy shit.

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        Why on earth are we getting downvoted for thinking it looks like Beavis?

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        Not sure. Maybe they have no idea who Beavis is.

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        Did it come with a free frogurt?

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        Meth - not even once

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        Reminds me of Dorian off the mask. Someone please do that one 👍🏻

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        /r/nosleep, here we come.

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        Dickballs what the ever merciful fuckshit?!